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Online Document Management

Benefits of Online Document Management

Online document management software has many benefits that can help your organization reach new levels of success. Here are some of the key reasons why your organization needs to consider utilizing online document management software.

Online Document Management Saves Money both Directly and Indirectly

The cost savings benefit of online document management software can be seen both directly and indirectly. Going paperless saves a lot of money in well-documented ways (e.g. paper, ink, toner, paper waste removal), but there are other savings as well.

With online document management software solutions, all of the company’s documents and data are digitally stored in one place, making it easily accessible from any computer with Internet access. Employees become more productive and efficient. Document sharing takes a fraction of the time with online document management software as it would shuffling through physical paper documents. Time spent searching for documents through a library of file cabinets is eliminated, and this frees up time for employees to get more work done, improving overall efficiency.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

Online document management software adds several layers of security to your organization’s information. Plus, your data is protected from site disasters (e.g. flood, fire) because there are data backup measures in place to protect against these types of failures.

Easier Access to Data

There’s no comparison between the legacy way of storing documents in file cabinets and the modern way of storing them digitally. Using online document management searching capabilities, you can search and retrieve any file, new or old, within seconds. Once the file is found, it’s easy to share the file with other team members or email it to a client. The entire process is streamlined with online document management software.

Information Becomes Portable and is Accessible from Anywhere

Document management software allows you to have a library of information with you from any device – PCs, laptops, mobile. Online document management software allows you to virtually work from anywhere and still be able to share files with coworkers and access data while away from the office.


Online document management solutions offer well-known benefits associated with replacing bulky paper file cabinets. Increasing business productivity, lower costs, document retention for compliance and better disaster recovery protection are key reasons organizations implement document conversion and document management solutions.

Learn more about BMI Imaging’s online document management solutions.

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Microfilm Conversion for Napa County Library

Napa County Library Offers Custom, Napa Branded Online Access to the Napa Valley Register and the Weekly Calistogan

Napa County Library serves a population of 135,000 and offers four libraries that provide public computers, printing, wireless internet access, entertainment and informational programs, and a wide assortment of other materials tailored to community interests.

The Napa Valley County Library provides newspaper archives for the Napa Valley Register and the Weekly Calistogan. In the past, the County received print copies of the newspapers, microfilmedLibrary Microfilm Conversion the copies, and then offered a microfilm archive to patrons for newspaper research.

The library staff hand-indexed the papers and would leverage a card catalog for search and retrieval. Over time, this became burdensome and, combined with the hassles common with microfilm, led the County to search for a digital solution.

After issuing a Request for Proposal, the Library selected Digital ReeL because of the range of benefits it would provide and its competitive price. The Digital ReeL platform hosts the Library’s digital newspaper records at BMI’s data center and offers a custom, Napa-branded online portal for patrons searching the newspaper archives.

Read the complete library microfilm conversion solution case study here.

Learn more about the Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution.

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Microfilm Conversion Solution for Libraries

Online, Searchable Newspaper PDFs at San Jose State University ScholarWorks

SJSU’s ScholarWorks collects, preserves and provides access to scholarly work created at the university. One archive ScholarWorks offers for free, public access is The Spartan Daily — a newspaper produced by journalism students since 1934.

More than 80 years of TMicrofilm Conversion for Librarieshe Spartan Daily was not digitally accessible and was only available as aging newsprint in physical bound books and on tattered and torn microfilm. Researching this history was a challenge.

SJSU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications planned to digitize the physical books and contacted BMI to provide the scanning services. However, BMI presented the alternative of scanning the microfilm archive using their first-generation film positives since they photographed much of the original microfilm. This reduced the project price by 75% and eliminated the need to remove the physical archive from the university and cut apart the bound volumes and page scan the hardbound book archive.

Today, all of the legacy Spartan Daily newspapers are easily accessible on the Internet as searchable PDF files. Users can browse legacy issues and search using any keyword (e.g. last name, date). Anyone can now access these legacy newspapers online … click here to view the online archive.

Read the library microfilm conversion solution case study here.

Learn more about our solutions for libraries and archives.

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Microfilm Conversion for Law Enforcement

Join us at CLEARS 2016 in Reno, Nevada

BMI will be at the California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors (CLEARS) 43rd Annual Training & Technology Seminar in Reno, Nevada. The conference will be held from November 14th – 18th at the Peppermill Resort. We’ll be demonstrating records management solutions, including BMI’s unique microfilm conversion solution, Digital ReeL.

CLEARS, Inc. is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to providing training in the technical and legal aspects of law enforcement records. CLEARS, Inc. provides networking capabilities to its members and associates who are comprised from more than 500 law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies within California.

Microfilm Conversion for Law Enforcement

Many legacy records required for long-term retention continue to sit on paper and microfilm. These records are not accessed that often and it is easy for an organization to forget about them. Microfilm, in particular, does not last forever and it is possible that the records could be deteriorating without anyone realizing it.

Ultimately, digitally converting the records ensures that the record archive becomes part of the larger data management and disaster recovery processes of the organization. BMI’s Digital ReeL is uniquely capable of helping law enforcement agencies digitize microfilm records in an affordable, practical way. Stop by for a live product demonstration to learn more about this microfilm conversion solution.

Learn more about our microfilm conversion solutions for law enforcement.

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Microfilm Conversion Solution at ARMA

Join us at ARMA 2016 in San Antonio | Booth 631

See the Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution.

The industry’s top records management technologies are on display every year at ARMA. We’re proud to be demonstrating the Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution. It’s the #1 microfilm conversion solution in California Government and has successful deployments nationwide – commercial and government applications.

Microfilm Conversion at ARMA

If you are at ARMA, don’t miss the opportunity to network with our expert staff and see a live Digital ReeL demonstration. Digital ReeL is the ideal solution for the permanent preservation and web based viewing of microfilm archives. We create digital replicas of your microfilm and include a viewer so that users can retrieve digital microfilm rolls (or microfiche) from a web browser, avoiding the need for physical microfilm and legacy reader printers. Full-text search and adjustable grayscale are included. Digital ReeL is available as an on premise solution and as a cloud-based offering.

Learn more about the Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution.

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