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Microfilm Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

/Microfilm Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

Microfilm Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

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Microfilm Scanning for Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland

Digital ReeL is both a microfilm scanning service and a software application. The Digital ReeL microfilm scanning service is performed by BMI Imaging (at one of BMI’s facilities or on-site at your location). Digital ReeL is unique because our microfilm scanning service creates an exact digital replica of your microfilm rolls or microfiche (aperture cards are also supported).

The Digital ReeL software application has been specifically designed for microfilm, microfiche and aperture card digital image retrieval – it mimics the look of a standard, physical microfilm reader printer. As a result, the interface requires virtually no end user training. Users simply search for, retrieve and print, save or email required documents like they would using an existing physical, microfilm archive. Only now, users access records from a computer workstation to avoid the hassles of dealing with physical microfilm and reader printers. With Digital ReeL, your microfilm archives are accessible quickly and conveniently, saving hours of retrieval time.

Digital ReeL has customer nationwide (read our case studies), including federal government, state and local government and a host of private organizations. Federal agencies, county recorders, courts, law enforcement and more have come to trust their records to Digital ReeL.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

Multiple Deployment Options – On Premise or Host Your Images with BMI Imaging

Digital ReeL is available as software installed at your organization’s site so that your users can easily access images from a workstation and/or web browser. In addition, for organizations seeking to eliminate capital expenditures and the challenges of managing servers and system administrator time, organizations can choose to host their images with BMI so that users can simply access images over the Internet from the Digital ReeL web interface.

Call us at (800) FLY-FILM to learn more about our microfilm scanning solution.