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ScanPro 3000 Digital Microfilm Scanner

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ScanPro 3000 Microfilm Scanner

The ScanPro 3000 is a microfilm digital scanner ideal for universities, libraries, research facilities, government agencies and private companies. The microfilm digital scanner offers ultra high-resolution optics and digital microfilm scanning at different magnifications. The ScanPro 3000 includes software that has touch-screen functionality and Word-search technology, making it possible for users to quickly locate information on any microfilm, microfiche or aperture card. Fast, versatile and easy-to-use, researchers can print, save or email information from the interface.

ScanPro 3000 Video Overview

  • Fiche, jackets, ultra fiche, micro books, aperture card, 16/35 mm roll film, cartridge roll film
  • Ultra High Definition scanning to microfilm with 26 megapixel camera, allowing for never-before-seen archival quality images from all forms of microfilm
  • Images will scan up to 600 DPI
  • Use the on-screen magnifier to inspect the smallest text and image detail by modifying it up to 800%
  • This layered file format saves text as high resolution BiTone while saving images as high resolution grayscale
  • Automatically scan your microfilm; ideal for interlibrary loans and e-course reserves
  • Make your scans of microfilm clear, clean and crisp
  • This patented technology provides black text on a white background with even density
  • ABBYY Fine Reader to OCR your microfilm page
  • This world class OCR software is consistently picked by researchers for accuracy and speed
  • Designed for quiet operation in library and office settings

  • Provides full time image focus of your microfilm
  • No need to manually focus or wait for auto focus or wait for auto focus to complete
  • Flat film carrier: over-sized carrier that can handle, ultra fiche, jackets, aperture cards, micro opaques and slides
  • UCC150 combo carrier: combination fiche and manual 16mm/35mm roll film carrier
  • UCC 300 combo carrier: combination fiche and motorized 16mm/35mm roll film (most common carrier used in library and research applications)
  • UCC400 combo carrier: manual and motorized roll film carrier for fiche and motorized 16/35mm roll film and (M) cartridge film; this is the same carrier as the UCC 300 combination carrier but with the added ability to handle (M) type cartridge film