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ScanPro Microfilm Scanners Overview

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ScanPro microfilm scanners are the micrographic equipment of choice for universities, libraries, research facilities, government agencies and private companies. The ScanPro equipment is compact, durable and modular. ScanPro scanners are easy to use, quiet for research settings and are capable of handling the rigors of public use applications.

ScanPro scanners come with patented technology like WORD-Search, Touch-Screen technology, live image editing, REMOTE-Access, Word linking to secondary data bases, OCR using the ABBYY® fine reader engine, CLOUD-storage, FOCUS-Lock and AUTO-Scan® Pro high speed automatic scanning (up to 50 images per minute).

BMI Imaging is a California ScanPro microfilm scanner dealer. Call (408) 736-7444 for more information.

  • Familiar icons and text labels further reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users.
  • One CLICK on-screen buttons complete look ups and research quickly and efficiently.
  • On screen help menu at your fingertips that provides details on how to use any button control.
  • Click a single button to automatically straighten your microfilm image, adjust brightness and contrast to get the best image and crop unwanted borders.
  • Adjust specific areas to get a professional looking microfilm image.
  • Find words on your microfilm image without having to read through the entire page.
  • Just enter the word that you are looking for in the search box and if it is on the microfilm, it will be highlighted everywhere it appears.
  • Get more information about what you see on your microfilm by highlighting a word or words and then select the internet reference source that you want to use like Wikipedia, a thesaurus, or a dictionary.
  • Select information that you see on your microfilm image and copy it to the clipboard as editable text for pasting into any document or presentation.
  • With a single click you can convert any microfilm image to a single page word searchable PDF or multi-page word searchable PDF.