Lab Notebook & Research Data Scanning

When you want to digitize and protect your organization’s vital research information, you’re best served by an experienced partner who understands the need for image quality and completeness, swiftness of execution, and security of data.  If these are among your key requirements, you’re in the right hands.

BMI, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California in the heart of Silicon Valley’s booming biotech community, has decades of experience working with organizations that are focused on finding better ways to manage and protect their paper and microform-based records.  When you choose BMI, you get an experienced project team that will guide you through a simple and secure process for digitizing and archiving your intellectual property records (lab notebooks, ancillary binders, and other research documents).  And the original records will be back in your hands in no time because we understand that it’s very difficult to convince your scientists to even let their research notes out of their sight.

  • Protection against damage, loss, and other unforeseen disasters (backup disaster recovery).
  • Faster, easier access to research-related information.
  • Reduce or eliminate physical storage requirements and costs.
  • Pick-up/delivery via BMI vehicles and personnel.
  • Secure storage and tracking of your records and data within BMI’s facility.
  • Non-destructive color capture of all records using scanning hardware that utilizes a cradle and glass cover to ensure optimum clarity of the notebook images.
  • Archiving of PDF file data deliverable to DVD or USB drive.
  • Key fob and photo ID for employee access to BMI facility.
  • Production area is separated from public access lobby via electronic door entry and restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • Knowledge that your scanning partner has worked with all levels of public government (city, county, state, federal), handles law and court documents, health records, and other PII and sensitive data.
  • Visit our Security page to learn more about how we keep your records safe.