Digital ReeL Training Videos

Whether you’re already a Digital ReeL user or you’re here to learn more about our application, enjoy the short videos we’ve put together that cover the numerous features of our platform.

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Grayscale Enhancement & Image Optimization

Optimize your images based on what you think looks best by using grayscale image enhancement, brightness, and contrast tools. 

Index Search (Microfilm)

Find your records on microfilm with the Index Search, a ladder-style method of organization similar to a Windows file structure. 

Movement (Microfilm)

Overview of the basic methods you can use to navigate your microfilm in Digital ReeL. 

Image Selection

Short review of how to select an individual image once you find the record you need. 

Image Selection (Snipping)

Snip out smaller pieces of images.

Text Search

Utilize text search to quickly and effectively locate data. You don’t need to know where it is, just what it is!

User Interface Overview

A general overview of the Digital ReeL interface, such as logging in, viewing your datasets, and search options.


Redact words, phrases, and complete documents, and export images with the applied redactions.