Document Scanning & Management For Case Files And Court Records

BMI specializes in helping courts eliminate paper and microfilm from management processes. As a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) – listed vendor, we provide secure document management solutions that are designed to help courts become more efficient at storing and sharing information internally and with local city or county departments. Docket and case file scanning, integration with existing case management applications and citation management solutions are examples of our court solutions. Eliminate paper, streamline day-to-day court operations with integrated dashboards, and deliver quicker response times to citizen information inquiries with BMI.

Document Management For Courts Includes:

  • Paper: handwritten, small, legal, large, oversize formats, notebooks and books
  • Examples include digital conversion of court back-files such as civil and criminal docket files and moving violation records
  • High volume back-file conversion and scan-on-demand multi-location solutions using bar codes
  • Document capture and data acquisition for integration with existing systems like Laserfiche, Microsoft SharePoint, Hyland OnBase, EMC (Documentum, ApplicationXtender) and more
  • Digital image output formats include PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF and GIF
  • Full suite of digital imaging processing, indexing and data entry capabilities
  • Innovative Digital ReeL solution provides affordable and practical solution for court records on microfilm
  • Support for nearly any type of microform including microfilm (16/35mm roll film), 3M cartridge film and microfiche (jacketed, COM, aperture cards)
  • Digital image formats include PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF and GIF
  • Digital image processing, indexing and data entry capabilities
  • Microfilming and preservation of records to microfilm to meet compliance requirements
  • No on-site IT maintenance required
  • Court documents and case files are stored and accessed from BMI’s secure data center
  • Employees and citizens retrieve court-related files remotely from the Web
  • Image enable existing case file management systems
  • Automate flow of court-related information throughout the department
  • Redact and block out sensitive information on court records such as Social Security Numbers, Driver’s License numbers and addresses
  • Retrieve case files, moving violations and citations from your existing case management applications using key words
  • Equip citizens with record viewing and research room capabilities for full-text self-search and case file retrieval
  • Manage digital court records with programs that your team uses daily
  • Simultaneously add orders and other documents into the case management system and document management system
  • Eliminate need to train users on new application and make it easy for users to access all agency information from one interface
  • Avoid the risk of fire, water damage, break-ins, etc. with digital record copies that are backed up and stored at off-site locations, providing a means to recover your data in the event of a disaster
  • Host second data copies for immediate online retrieval at BMI’s secure data center


As the court records archive grew, Napa faced the constant problem of providing citizens (e.g. attorneys) the ability to quickly conduct research. Napa turned to BMI Imaging Systems to implement a complete document management solution that would not only address research needs, but also provide efficiency gains within day-to-day court operations and case management.

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Although new legal filings are converted from paper to digital and stored within a document management system, the Court continued to archive an enormous microfilm and fiche archive of older cases. BMI’s Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution was selected for its conversion accuracy, image quality and ease of use.

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Skamania County Clerk selected Digital ReeL as its microfilm conversion solution. The County Clerk selected Digital ReeL’s Cloud Option, storing the digitally converted records at BMI’s data center. County Clerk researchers access their virtual microfilm records from the Internet, using Digital ReeL.

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