Digital Scanning And Document Management For Courts

We’ll help you scan your paper and microfilm records into digital formats for easier access and reduced hard copy retrievals. Our secure document management solutions are designed to help you become more efficient at storing and sharing information internally, with other agencies, and with your customers. Docket and case file scanning, integration with existing case management applications, and citation management solutions are examples of the projects we’ve worked on with some of our clients.

Reduce physical copy retrievals, streamline day-to-day operations and data access, and deliver quicker response times to customer/citizen requests.

We’re a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)–listed vendor and you can trust us to handle, process, and store your records correctly.

Digital Solutions

  • Paper: handwritten, office, legal, large, oversize formats, notebooks, and books
  • Examples include digital conversion of court back-files such as civil and criminal docket files and moving violation records
  • High-volume back-file conversion and scan-on-demand multi-location solutions using bar codes
  • Document capture and data acquisition for integration with existing systems like Laserfiche, Microsoft SharePoint, Hyland OnBase, Documentum, and ApplicationXtender
  • Digital image output formats include PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIF and GIF
  • Full suite of digital imaging processing, indexing, and data entry capabilities
  • Digital ReeL provides affordable and practical solution for court records on microfilm and microfiche
  • Support for nearly any type of microform including microfilm (16/35mm roll film), 3M cartridge film, and microfiche (jacketed, COM, aperture cards)
  • Digital image export formats include PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF and GIF
  • Redaction, full-text and index search, and image enhancement provide you with the tools you need to extract images and data
  • Microfilming and archive writing (preservation of records to microfilm) to meet compliance requirements
  • No on-site IT maintenance required
  • Court documents and case files are stored and accessed from our secure data center
  • Employees and citizens retrieve court-related files remotely from the web (permission-based access)
  • Redact sensitive information on court records such as social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and addresses
  • Retrieve case files, moving violations and citations from your existing case management applications using key words
  • Equip citizens with record viewing and research room capabilities for full-text search and case file retrieval (permission-based access)
  • Avoid the risk of fire, water damage, break-ins, and other disasters with digital copies of your records
  • Host secondary data copies in case your primary system goes down


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Additional Information

If you’re looking for some more information to help you along your digital conversion decision journey, below are some recommendations:

“Digitizing Court Records” is an overview of scanning and converting your hard copy records to digital formats. If you’re just getting into your project planning, this is a good starting point.

“Legacy Data Migration” covers the topic of converting and migrating your data and images from an old system to a new one.

“The BMI Project Review Process” describes the steps we use to take your project from an idea to a reality. We want you to feel comfortable when you work with us, so we’re giving you a look at our internal process!

Case Study | Napa County Court, CA

“BMI not only helped us eliminate lengthy document retrieval times, but also delivered a complete, customized document management solution for our Court that has made us more efficient, saved us money and prepared us for the future.”

– Steve Bouch | Chief Executive Officer

Read the Napa County Court case study!

Case Study | San Francisco County Superior Court, CA

“If you ever saw the pile of paper work just one court case can produce … I live in a record-keeping nightmare. We have been working with BMI for over 25 years. The company has consistently delivered on time with the kind of efficiency, quality and accuracy I couldn’t live without.”

– Ron Ho | Computer Systems Director

Read the San Francisco County Superior Court case study!

Case Study | Skamania County Clerk, WA

“Digital ReeL’s price was affordable, the turnaround time was within weeks and our records are now much higher in quality. With Digital ReeL’s Cloud Option, we store our digitally converted microfilm at BMI’s data center, accessing our records over the Internet.”

– Sharon Vance | County Clerk

Read the Skamania County Clerk case study!