HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record Scanning & Management

BMI’s secure document scanning and electronic medical record (EMR) management solutions help healthcare providers and insurance companies speed medical record processing time, increase patient satisfaction and facilitate HIPAA compliance. Our flexible and customized solutions offer easy medical record retrieval options while conforming to systems you currently have in place.

Document Management For Electronic Medical Records Includes:

  • BMI’s facilities are not shared with any other entities, are remotely monitored and feature tight secure access that meets Federal-level NIST SP 800-53 guidelines.
  • Staff trained in HIPAA compliance; document conversion procedures designed to conform to the paper and data requirements of HIPAA regulations.
  • BMI maintains Business Associates Agreements with clients whose electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) is subject to HIPAA regulations.
  • Back-file and day-forward conversion of paper-based Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), HCFA 1500 forms, Uniform Bill (UB) forms, paper charts, patient records and other clinical data to a digital format of your choice.
  • Microfilm conversion to digital and paper or digital to physical microfilm.
  • Imaging and data entry capabilities for seamless delivery into EMR system of your choice.
  • Scan-on-demand directly to your EMR system to eliminate need for patient file storage.
  • Scanning and data key entry of your claims files.
  • Rules-based data extrapolation that match specifically to your claims host application requirements.
  • Integration with your current claims processing applications, including custom, regular bulk file uploads into your system.
  • Hot key access to digital HCFA 1500 claims images within your own system.
  • Document hosting with BMI that includes secure access to your files from the Internet.
  • Retrieve digital medical records any time from your computer and the Web using keywords and full text search.
  • Secure all sensitive records with document and folder level security, check-in/check-out tracking system, read-only outputs and redaction.
  • Avoid the need for on-site IT by hosting your document management application and records at our secure data center.
  • Authorized users access digital healthcare records online from a Web browser.
  • Immediate, online searchable healthcare records.