Cloud Document Management & Hosting

Whether you’re trying to get more from an existing document management system or are considering a new approach altogether, BMI can improve your secure storage and access to critical information throughout your organization’s operations. A secure, cloud-hosted portal that centralizes important data and records in one simplified and protected location may be your best option. On-premise applications are also available.

Our cloud-based document hosting applications give you the benefits of a complete imaging solution without requiring you to involve major IT resources. You avoid IT capital expenditures like hardware and software licensing investments, ongoing maintenance expenses, and the need to internally manage the system. Through your hosted portal, you can easily gain secure access to your digital records from the Internet. All you need is a Web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).


Your records are secure and available from our two data centers: one at our headquarters office in Sunnyvale, CA, and another in Sacramento at our RagingWire data server cage. Our partnership with RagingWire allows us to lay that extra blanket of security on your records before they go to sleep at night.

Our Approach To Document Management & Hosting

Regardless of where your documents are located or what format they come in, our cloud-based document management solutions can capture any type of content. BMI offers an extensive array of capture tools that preserve the original file type of your documents.

  • Scan paper documents that are piled up in mailrooms, storage rooms and filing cabinets
  • Capture advanced print streams (ERM/COLD) such as statements, bills and invoices
  • Extract data from documents and eliminate manual, error-prone data entry tasks
  • Migrate large quantities of pre-indexed documents

Workflow and business process management (BPM) can take your document management solution to the next level by automating predictable steps, allowing you to increase productivity without increasing staff.

  • Solutions for accounts payable/receivable, human resources, claims handling and other case-based scenarios
  • Optimize the way documents and data flow through your organization
  • Ensure that business rules are applied consistently to documents moving through your system and track where items are in-process at any time

Now that your documents are securely available in the cloud, you have comprehensive methods to search and retrieve that simply don’t exist in the physical, paper world.

  • Retrieve documents by searching for pre-determined index values (e.g. last name, date, case number)
  • Full-text search options to find records based on any word or phrase within the content
  • Access content from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones

Ensure that existing business applications work with your document management system.

  • Add document management features to existing business applications
  • Intelligently link documents and data within the central document management repository to transactions and activities in other applications
  • Eliminate wasted time switching between screens to find the right information; users stay in their familiar application interfaces
  • Reduce manual data entry and errors with instant updates to business applications as soon as the document management repository receives it

Meet compliance requirements by declaring and safeguarding records in a system-enforced way so that you can demonstrate compliance with regulations and avoid legal, monetary and procedural penalties.

  • Maintain complete control over who can access the information and exactly what they can do with it
  • Utilize Active Directory and LDAP to simplify administration (on-site applications)
  • Access to documents can be granted at a granular level, from single documents all the way to entire system access
  • Audit trails give total visibility to record access time, by whom and action taken
  • Manage length of retention and final disposition of documents; automatically dispose of documents or have emails sent at time of disposal for final approval
  • Take a look at our Document Retention Best Practices page for some ideas

Your records are stored, secured and available to your organization from an Internet Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).

  • Strategic Northern California locations: one in Silicon Valley and the other in Sacramento (separate and more seismically stable tectonic plate)
  • Minimum of N+2 redundancy protection throughout critical systems
  • Electrical power at unprecedented 2N+2 redundancy
  • Centralized industrial chiller plant with automatic controls to maximize operating efficiency
  • No public access; all guests must sign in and are securely escorted throughout facilities
  • Multifactor identification, including biometric and multi-level security zones
  • Digital cameras that monitor all data center secure areas
  • 24×7 technical staff that monitors all IT operations
  • Separate caged environment within secure data center

Your hosted document management solution is secure with our industry certifications.

  • Completion of most rigorous level of SSAE-16 Type 2 (formerly SAS 70) audits, with zero exceptions
  • PCI DSS compliant, which means that when it is time to complete your audit, we are ready to support
  • NIST 800-53 moderate baseline controls necessary to support federal government agency FISMA compliance efforts
  • Simple administration and user selection and access rights
  • SSL encryption and IP lock security
  • Full audit trail and reporting of any document accessed