Digital Scanning & Document Management For County & Local Government

As a public agency serving the needs of your community, you have plenty of information to manage and track. Keeping your records organized and secure isn’t easy, and the amount of time your staff spends on records management can snowball over time. Tasks such as preserving public records, complying with archive regulations, and servicing public requests are constant, and to be able to make these as efficient as possible is a worthwhile goal.

  • Environmental Health
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Finance Agencies
  • Fire Departments
  • Waste Management
  • Mental Health Services
  • Probation
  • Public Defender Offices
  • Public Health
  • County Hospitals
  • Social Services
  • Tax and Appraisal
  • Public Works
  • Public Safety
  • City Clerks

Additional Information

If you’re looking for some more info to help you along on your digital conversion journey, below are some recommendations:

Our ““Security” page gives you an overview of the processes and procedures we employ to protect your data.

“Digital ReeL” is our application to simply and cost-effectively replicate your microfilm archive in a digital format. And if you’re not sure how this compares to a standard PDF or TIF project, check out our “Traditional Microfilm Conversion vs. Digital ReeL” to learn more.

We take our projects seriously and treat each one as a unique event. Our “Project Review Process” gives you a look at how your project goes from just an idea to a reality.