Digital ReeL Conversion Solution

Records on physical microfilm are at risk of being destroyed by use and film deterioration. Yet, the expense of digital conversion has been too high for many organizations. Digital ReeL is the ideal solution for the permanent preservation and web-based viewing of microfilm archives and is unlike any microfilm conversion solution available today due to its affordability, conversion accuracy, full-text searching capabilities, and adjustable grayscale image enhancement feature. To see a comparison between a traditional microfilm conversion and the Digital ReeL solution, click here to learn more and find out which is right for you.

We start by making replicas of your microfilm or microfiche, digitally preserving each roll or fiche exactly as it appeared in its physical state. Digital ReeL includes a web viewer so that users can retrieve digital microfilm rolls from a PC or smartphone, avoiding the hassles of physical film and reader printers.

Digital ReeL is available as an on premise solution and as a cloud-based offering. Customers nationwide such as federal government agencies, state and local government departments and private companies have come to trust their records to Digital ReeL.

Digital ReeL Demo

See a demonstration of Digital ReeL illustrating three common use cases. 

Why Choose Digital ReeL

  • We offer multiple delivery options depending upon your location and the sensitivity of your records
  • BMI vehicle and driver will pick up your physical records and securely transfer them to our microfilm conversion facility
  • Standard shipping services for many of our clients across the country are acceptable (e.g. UPS or FedEx)
  • For highly sensitive information, we offer secure methods of media transportation.
  • On-site conversion options available if your records are too sensitive to leave your facility
  • Two free-standing facilities that reduce your operational risk by allowing for business continuity and disaster recovery protection
  • Facilities comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication (NIST SP) 800-53 guidelines
  • Restricted access production area
  • All guests must sign in; securely escorted throughout facilities
  • On-site media storage vault
  • Noise and break-in alarms, coupled with perimeter and facility surveillance cameras
  • Fire suppressant sprinkler systems
  • No wireless services in the building permitted to protect security
  • Want to learn more? Check out our Security page.
  • Digital ReeL converts microfilm and microfiche with complete accuracy because the entire microfilm roll or microfiche is converted
  • No images or details are lost, digitally preserving your microfilm and microfiche exactly as they appeared in their physical state
  • Your PC, laptop or smartphone becomes a high performance microfilm reader printer
  • Full-text searching to locate words, phrases and numbers across the entire archive
  • Use your existing micrographic indexing methodology to find information (e.g. book/page, case number, roll/frame)
  • Multiple indexing methods are supported
  • Convert difficult-to-read images into grayscale to dramatically improve image quality
  • Adjust the quality of the grayscale by altering the brightness and contrast of the image until it is optimized
  • Digital ReeL can be a stepping stone to a full scale conversion whereby records can be later output in a standard format like PDF or TIFF to any document management system
  • Digital microfilm and microfiche replicas act as an insurance policy; permanent archive that preserves the context of your records as they existed on physical film
  • On Premise: after BMI completes the microfilm conversion service, your IT department stores and manages the digitally converted microfilm records and the Digital ReeL application; users access records from the Digital ReeL web viewer
  • Cloud Option: BMI not only performs the microfilm conversion service, but also hosts your digital records at our secure data center; researchers access records over the Internet from the Digital ReeL web viewer

Whiteboard Video

Watch our animated video to learn why Tom and his records management team chose Digital ReeL for their microfilm conversion solution.

Alameda County, Clerk-Recorder, CA

Belmont Public Library, MA

California State University, Los Angeles, CA

Davidson County, Register of Deeds, TN

Kitsap County Clerk, WA

Napa County Library, CA

Phoenix Police Department, AZ

Pitkin County (Aspen), Clerk and Recorder, CO

Salinas Permit Services Center, CA

San Bernardino County, Sheriff, CA

San Francisco County, Superior Court, CA

San Luis Obispo County, Recorder, CA