Our Executive Team

Whether we’re scanning documents, developing unique software to integrate digital records with your systems, or supporting your document management system, we’re a services company. Our experience, ability to understand your needs, and solution flexibility all stem from our core team members.

Over the years we’ve assembled a fantastic group of folks, many with us for 20+ years. Here’s our executive team, the leaders of the company:

Will Whitney

Will started at BMI in 2013 in the Sales Department, working on smaller projects to learn the nuances of digital conversion. After gaining a solid grasp of how BMI operated and the ways in which we could help our clients, he began to work with clients that had larger and more complicated requests, continuing to build his knowledge of conversion solutions. Taking an interest in the Marketing Department, Will teamed up with them to develop new ways to create interest in BMI and its services. His knack for writing, willingness to try new things, and creativity gave him a perfect entry into the world of marketing. Over a few years, Will helped redesign the company website, revived the company’s blog, developed BMI’s YouTube channel (The Digital Imaging Channel), and generally enhanced the overall operations of the Marketing Department in a more organized, systematic way. 

Will’s responsibilities include overseeing Marketing and generating continued interest in the company’s products and services; supervising Sales, assisting with accounts, and developing the next generation of sales representatives; teaming up with Operations to ensure the smooth transition of projects from Sales to Production; and engaging with Executive Management to develop and execute both the short-term tactical objectives and long-term strategic initiatives. 

Before joining BMI, Will graduated from the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps, earning the occupational specialty of Infantry Officer after basic school. He deployed twice and was honorably discharged as a Captain in 2013.

Brad Gilbert

Brad joined BMI in 2002 to operate the film archive creation system at BMI while still attending college.  Since his expertise was in software, Brad immediately began to write applications and utilities for the lab services group.  Over the years he has produced significant portions of the software that BMI utilizes internally, including production based web sites, plugin integrated production systems, and thousands of libraries and commercial products which are used nationwide.  Brad excels at the creative aspects of software development and strives to build applications that raise the user’s expectations.  He also enjoys management and leads the software and project divisions at BMI. Brad has a bachelor degree in technical management from DeVry University in Fremont, California.


As BMI Imaging System’s Vice President of Operations for over a decade, Jim is largely responsible for the Company’s leadership position in the area of information technology. His internal focus places the highest premium on achieving operational efficiency and ensuring maximum returns from investments in technology and product development. His external responsibilities include the support of sales efforts as an advisor to the Company’s customers and partners – helping them understand how the Internet can be used for productivity gains and competitive advantage. Prior to joining BMI Imaging, Jim was Vice President of Operations and Engineering at Extek Microsystems. In 1973 he completed his Bachelors Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tulsa University, Oklahoma.

Since joining BMI in 2011, Kou has played a pivotal role in advancing the company’s digital conversion capabilities. His expertise, gained from managing thousands of diverse projects, has been instrumental in BMI’s growth. A graduate in Management Science from UC San Diego, Kou rapidly ascended to Plant Manager in 2013, showcasing his exceptional leadership skills.

In his role, Kou has efficiently managed day-to-day operations and resource allocation, ensuring project goals are consistently met and often surpassed. His collaboration with the project management and software teams has led to the development of client-focused processes, enhancing operational efficiency. Kou brings a wealth of experience, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a talent for inspiring his team.

David Spektor

As Controller, David manages the financial operations at BMI Imaging Systems, monitoring and reporting key financial metrics to other members of the management team. David is an experienced finance professional with over 15 years in accounting positions working with small, medium, and large technology companies. He has a strong business acumen in accounting, financial planning, forecasting, and leading various finance teams. Before joining BMI, David held key positions in finance at companies such as Xicato, Cisco Systems, Hyperion Solutions, and Solectron. He enjoys helping companies improve their profitability and prides himself in his ability to solve financial challenges.


Brad joined BMI Imaging Systems in 1988, leaving a financial analyst position at Dun and Bradstreet. Following his hands-on training at BMI as an offsite production team leader, he quickly moved to Account Representative in the Sunnyvale office, establishing a record of successful application designs and installations. He was promoted to Vice President and Manager of the BMI Sacramento Branch office in 1991 where he was responsible for both sales and production staffs.

Currently with Major Accounts responsibilities including many State of California installations and a National Product Distribution Channel, Brad is known for his technical and business process acumen. Several of Brad’s installations have been recognized for industry awards and publication. Brad’s 30-year career at BMI has shown him to be a key member of the leadership team both in technical product development and in the area of sales and marketing. His ability to build strong partner rapport has resulted in many of BMI’s most successful long-term relationships.

Originally from Colorado, Brad is a 1984 graduate of the University of the Pacific, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance. He currently lives in Elk Grove, CA with his wife, Karen. Brad is an avid golfer and enjoys competing in regional and national tournaments.

After working briefly as a financial analyst at Dun and Bradstreet, Jim began his sales career at BMI. After several years as an Account Executive, Jim accepted an opportunity to lead an innovative Bay Area-based software and services bureau, where he spent the last 15 years managing sales and operations. With the experience gained from his position as a company leader, Jim is knowledgeable in all aspects of account fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Mike Aufranc

Mike joined BMI in 1992, leaving a sales position at TRW Image Processing. Having been in the document imaging industry for seven years prior to joining BMI, he quickly became a dependable account representative in the company’s Sacramento office and established a record of successfully managing numerous key accounts. Mike earned the title of Vice President in 2023.

Mike is known for his strong relationship skills and account management, and his decades-long career at BMI has shown him to be a key member of the sales team. His ability to build relationships has resulted in many of BMI’s most successful client partnerships, including our relationship with Fidelity National Title Group. Additionally, Mike’s knowledge of the industry and his closeness to clients gives him insight that helps the leadership team make company-level strategic decisions.

Mike is a 1983 graduate of Sacramento State University, with a degree in Business Administration. He currently lives in Granite Bay, CA with his wife, Carolyn.