Why Choose Us | Custom Digital Conversion Solutions

Trust Experience And Expertise When Choosing Your Digital Conversion Partner

Beginning a digital conversion project can be intimidating, and with many ways to move forward it’s difficult to know who to work with or which solution is best for you. If you decide to work with us, we’ll tailor a custom solution to your specific needs so that at the end of your project you have a success, not a copy of someone else’s project. 

Sure, we have the years in business (60+) to say that we’re good at what we do, and we have the clients and references to back us up. You’ll probably hear that from most companies you talk to, so these are just table stakes and we need to prove to you that we’re more than what we’ve already done in the past.  

Our project review process helps us nail down the peculiarities of every job we take on, and gives YOU the ability to review, refine, and approve the outcome of your project. Every company will have a way of executing their projects, and our way is what we’ve found to work best over the years. It’s not just a way of doing it, either; it really is a process, which should give you peace of mind knowing that your project is getting the attention it deserves, just the same as the other projects we work on, regardless of size or compensation. 

Our specialty is microfilm scanning and conversion, and if you’re looking for someone to help you in this area we also have a specific microfilm scanning process that we’ve refined over the past 20+ years. Anyone can buy a scanner and say they’re a “microfilm scanning company,” but it takes thousands of microfilm projects to truly understand the best method of doing these types of projects. Even if you have a microfilm scanner, microfilm is so nuanced that you need to know the material itself: our staff has over 200 years worth of combined microfilm knowledge. When you’re sending your microfilm out for a scanning project, which sounds better: 200 years of microfilm experience, or the company that started in 2005?

  • Work with a dedicated sales rep throughout your digital conversion process.
  • Individualized scope of work tailored to your project specifications.
  • Unique process flow created for your project – no cookie-cutter duplicates.
  • You have the ability to review, refine, and approve your project specs before we charge ahead with your project. This is our Milestone 1 Proof of Concept (“M1”).
  • Our job is to make your project successful – we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your project.
  • 60+ years in business, a testament to our ability to make our customers happy. 
  • Our team of production members (scanner operators, data entry keyers, system engineers, and developers) has experience with hundreds (some with thousands) of unique projects – their experience and breadth of knowledge will help ensure your project is completed in a way that is optimal for your distinct requirements.
  • Our customers span the gamut of types and industries, from private-sector organizations to government agencies. 
    • Private industries we’ve worked with include insurance, healthcare, and finance.
    • Government agencies we’ve worked with include federal three-letter agencies, state departments, county departments (i.e. recorder, planning/building, sheriff), and city offices (i.e. clerk, police department).
  • Two free-standing, single-user conversion facilities.
    • Only our employees have access to your records. 
    • Our document hosting application can improve your business continuity and backup disaster recovery protection by providing co-located sets of your data.
  • Restricted production areas that are only accessible to employees with permissions. 
  • Remotely monitored break-in alarms, coupled with perimeter and interior facility surveillance cameras.
  • Third-party network and application penetration testing. Regression testing is performed on every software release. 
  • Check out our security page to learn more.
  • Our software development staff is capable of providing you with custom features and improvements for your specific needs. 
  • With hundreds of internally developed image and data management tools and process control routines, we can effectively deal with complex requirements to make your project a success.
  • Two scanning and conversion facilities (Sunnyvale [HQ] and Sacramento) capable of handling large-volume paper and microfilm scanning projects.
  • Material tracking utilizing a custom-developed Material Tracking System (MTS).
  • Project tracking and production control using our self-developed Unity System.
  • Audit logs maintained for employee handling of images and data.
  • Remote, secure customer access to project deliverables.
  • Our Project Architect creates your unique process flow and is assigned to your project until the Milestone 1 is approved. 
  • Project Manager assigned to each job once the M1 has been approved. 
  • Process flow created with internal image management tools, creating a custom path for each client project.