What We Offer

Our mission is to help your organization achieve its information management goals by making your records more accessible through document scanning and microfilm conversion, cloud hosting, and software development services.

We offer a range of solutions to help you meet your goals, and custom-tailor each project to your specific needs and requirements. We’re not a cookie-cutter company, so don’t expect a price list or widget menu.  

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

  • Expert advice and guidance from our account executives, who will work with you to lay the framework for your project.
  • Innovative and custom-built project process flows from our Production and Software Development teams, curating the steps required for your project to make it a success.
  • Secure processes, facilities, and material handling. Our Security page should give you a good idea of how important security is to us and should be to you.
  • A partner you can trust. Being in business for over 60 years doesn’t come easy, and our portfolio of customers speaks for itself. Our Case Studies page highlights a few of our successful clients.

Want a cheap, template-generated project that spits out images and data as fast as possible? We’re probably not for you.

Want a custom-designed project that not only meets your specs, but also utilizes the knowledge and innovation of our team members to make your project more successful than you thought possible? Give us a call.

Document Management Solutions

  • Digital ReeL provides you with a virtual replica of your records in a digital format. Microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards 100% complete to ensure all information is captured and you have a copy of the original material. Critical for long-term retention and retrieval, especially if you dispose of the physical records.
  • Global text search allows you to locate records across your entire database with sub-second speed, minimizing time and effort to find information.
  • Enhanced grayscale function allows you to adjust brightness and contrast on high resolution grayscale images, providing you with the optimal image for hard-to-read records.
  • Simple and intuitive interface is comfortable for users of all types.
  • Export images in traditional formats (PDF, TIF, JPG).
  • Microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, paper records, and digital images are all able to be imported to your Digital ReeL dataset.
  • Not sure what type of microfilm you have? Take a look at our “What Kind of Film” page to help you determine the records you have available.
  • Visit our Digital ReeL webpage to learn more.
  • Paper record scanning of varying sizes and types: office, legal, large format drawings, notebooks, photos, and more.
  • High volume back-file conversion at one of our two document conversion facilities. On-site options are available.
  • Distributed, scan-on-demand solutions available, allowing for multi-year budget sensitive conversions.
  • Digital image output includes traditional formats such as PDF, PDF/A, JPG, and TIF.
  • Document capture and data keying for integration with existing management systems.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service, converting image-only records to text searchable datasets.
  • Redaction services for sensitive information (such as Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Electronic Health Information, etc.).
  • Visit our Document Scanning & Conversion Solutions webpage for more details.
  • Scanning and image conversion for nearly any type of microform including microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards.
  • Not sure what type of microfilm you have? Visit our “What Kind of Film” page to help you determine the records you have available.
  • Digital image output includes traditional formats such as PDF, PDF/A, JPG, and TIF.
  • Image processing, key-key-compare indexing, and data validation can be combined with your microfilm scanning for a complete digital solution.
  • Our Digital ReeL application provides you with a simple and affordable option for microfilm scanning and conversion.
  • Microfilming and archival services (preservation of records to microfilm in film or uncompressed image format).
  • Archive writing of digital images to microfilm.
  • Take a look at our Microfilm Conversion Services webpage for more information.
  • Utilize BMI’s data centers for your hosted record archive and remove the strain of internal IT upkeep.
  • IP Address Filter (access only allowed through designated IP addresses) and Two-Factor Authentication available to enhance the security of your records.
  • Access your data through a simple web browser (https) maintained by BMI.  
  • Simple administration and user selection and access rights controlled via designated users.
  • Take advantage of BMI’s CJIS hosting environment for sensitive records (BMI is a CJIS-listed vendor).
  • Visit our Document Management & Hosting webpage to learn more.
  • Avoid the risk of physical damage to records by hosting your images at a secure offsite location and provide your organization a means to recover your data in the event of a disaster.
  • Host second data copies for immediate online retrieval from Tier 3 data center to secure mobile or on premise devices.
  • Take a look at our Disaster Preparedness webpage to learn more about protecting your records.
  • Convert images and data from legacy databases into a contemporary, intuitive digital archive system.
  • XML/HTML conversion for many types of applications and interoperability between systems.
  • Visit our Systems Integration webpage for more details.
  • Microfilm Digital Archive (“MDA”) is a user-friendly application that allows you to load your images to a portal for file access and digital storage, and create a hard copy microfilm replica to comply with legal statutes.
  • Keep a microfilm roll in your vault and one in a cloud-hosted environment for smart disaster recovery planning.
  • Upload digital records to your self-service online portal.
  • Automated record validation reduces manual review times and minimizes errors.
  • Release your paper records faster by reviewing and validating the digital microfilm roll replica.
  • Visit our Microfilm Digital Archive webpage for more information.