Digital Scanning & Document Management For College & University Records

We offer traditional digital scanning (PDFs, TIFs) as well as custom conversion solutions, like our Digital ReeL application, that digitally capture your student records, transcripts, HR files, and payroll records. On-site and hosted options are available to improve the image quality of your entire archive and enable full-text search of your entire database so your staff can locate and fulfill requests quickly. And of course we’ll keep your records secure!

Already have a document management system in place and just looking to scan and import records into it? Take a look at our page that describes importing digital records to your existing database to get a better idea of how we can help you.

Digital Solutions

  • Any size of paper and any micro media format (learn what type of microfilm you have).
  • Student records, transcripts, HR files, payroll documents.
  • Keep your staff busy doing what they signed up for; let us do the scanning!
  • Projects can be completed in just months when we set you up using our process flow methodology.
  • 100% visual verification that your images and data were converted when you use Digital ReeL.
  • Find any record using full text search (any word or phrase on the record is searchable).
  • Replicate your current retrieval process in a digital format to expedite request fulfillment (e.g. search by student name or ID, folders labeled by fiche/film titles, dates).
  • Leverage existing index books and databases that contain lookup information for students.
  • Our hosted solution securely stores your records in our NIST-compliant data center.
  • Protect your records using IP address filtering, authenticated user permissions, two-factor authentication, and audit tracking.
  • Paper and microfilm records converted into non-proprietary data formats like PDF and TIF.
  • No software lock-in; easily export records to your existing data management system.


Take a look at our Webinars On Demand page for some more information.

Additional Information

If you’re looking for some more information to help you along your digital conversion decision journey, below are some recommendations:

 “Legacy Data Migration” covers the topic of moving data and images from one system to another. If you have an old system you’re trying to move out of, or you’re trying to consolidate your digital records, this article should help you plan your project.

“The BMI Project Review Process” describes the steps we use to take your project from an idea to a reality. We want you to feel comfortable when you work with us, so we’re giving you a look at our internal process!

“Traditional Microfilm Conversion vs. Digital ReeL” is a comparison between a standard film scanning project (PDFs, TIFs, etc.) and our Digital ReeL solution.

Case Study | California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA)

“It used to take days to respond to a transcript request that was on our microfilm. We were pleasantly surprised with Digital ReeL’s search and retrieval speed. We now offer same-day turnaround for transcript requests that come into the office. Searches are now completed in minutes, not days.”

– Chelsey Seely | Assistant Registrar for Academic Records

Read the Cal State LA case study here!

Case Study | California State University, Fresno

“We looked at a lot of different options. In the end, Digital ReeL gave us exactly what we were looking for with our records converted to PDF format. In addition, BMI is hosting our records, enabling us to retrieve academic transcripts from an easy-to-use online viewer.”
Jenny Diaz, Interim Associate Registrar

– Jenny Diaz | Interim Associate Registrar

Read the Fresno State case study!


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