Microfilm Digital Archive

A 500-year life expectancy microfilm record plus a permanent digital replica for backup disaster recovery.

What You Want: a user-friendly application to load digital images for file access and digital storage, and a hard copy microfilm replica to comply with legal statutes.

What You Get: a user-friendly application to load digital images for file access and digital storage, and a hard copy microfilm replica to comply with legal statutes.

BMI Imaging Systems’ Microfilm Digital Archive (MDA) is ideal for Government Departments (e.g. Recorders, Clerks) and highly regulated agencies that are required to commit records to physical, eye-readable microfilm for long-term archive and disaster recovery readiness.

Unlike manual and error-prone image-to-film archive solutions, MDA provides a web-based application that enables staff to upload their images and preview “rolls” prior to physical microfilm creation. MDA programmatically verifies document number sequencing and validates page counts so that your staff has focused and reduced review requirements. In addition to your microfilm roll, MDA includes a hosted digital replica of the microfilm for the exclusive use of the client and its users. The digital roll is a permanent copy to mirror the hard copy film, so in the event of a disaster, you’re prepared.

Easily see which records have been Archived and which are still being created.
Once a “roll” is Archived, a permanent, uneditable digital copy is stored for future access. At the same time, BMI creates a physical microfilm roll with the records and sends the microfilm to you for your vault.

While a “roll” is still being updated by your staff (loading digital records into MDA), the progress tracker provides information for easy use. Items such as the Doc Range of the roll, the percent of the roll that has been filled, and issues detected in the loaded records are all illustrated for your staff.

A visual display of a digital microfilm rolls of your records is shown to your staff once they upload records to MDA. The appearance of the digital roll is an exact replica of what will be permanently stored in the hosted MDA application, as well as what will be physically produced by BMI when a roll is completed and archived.

Key Benefits Of Microfilm Digital Archive

  • Avoid the crippling effect of relying on only physical microfilm in the event of a real disaster.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that, besides storing microfilm in your vault, you have a hosted, digital copy of each microfilm roll, accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • Take a look at our Document Retention Best Practices page for some ideas about keeping your records
  • From your workstation, upload TIFF or PDF records for microfilm preview.
  • Easily log in and out of the system; upload documents on your own time with admin and user access controls.
  • View what percentage of a full, physical microfilm roll your documents account for and make the decision to create a roll at any time.
  • Missing document numbers or page count conflicts are automatically flagged before any physical microfilm is created. This prevents staff rework and saves you the cost of creating another roll.
  • Document number sequence validation process catches missing documents that otherwise create errors and time-consuming repeat microfilming jobs.
  • Digitally review and validate your records, addressing unresolved issues.
  • Attach comments and create roll signage to the final microfilm roll digitally, from your own online portal.
  • Scroll through the digital, virtual replica of your microfilm roll and finalize it before creating the physical microfilm roll.
  • Full audit trail tracks uploads, roll approvals, and shipments of microfilm.
  • Release your paper records, knowing you’re backed up with both a physical roll and a matching, permanent digital replica.
  • BMI’s facility security includes 24/7 external video monitoring equipment, internal noise detection break-in monitors, and encrypted fob access for designated personnel.
  • Digital preservation and micrographics services in state-of-the-art Certified Micrographics Lab.
  • Meets ANSI/AIIM specifications for long-term archival film creation and processing.