Document Scanning & Digital Conversion Solutions

Turn Your Paper Into Text-Searchable Digital Files

For businesses and government agencies with large paper archives, our document conversion services can give you instant-access digital files that can be retrieved with just a few clicks. We’ll handle every aspect of the document scanning project from pick-up and delivery to preparation, scanning, data extraction, and media delivery or document hosting.

Record conversion is important, but the process to scan and capture the images and data from those records and convert them into easy-to-retrieve digital files is where we really provide value. We’ve been converting documents for over 60 years and have the people, technology, and infrastructure ready to make your project a success.

Our Approach To Document Scanning

  • We scan documents of all sizes, types, and security levels.
  • Technology is used to automate repetitive actions and to create a streamlined approach to your project.
  • Tasks are typically separated between preparation staff and scanning staff to create repeatable conditions.
  • Special equipment for handling of older materials and bound volumes.
  • Multiple image output formats available: PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF (uncompressed or Group IV). 
  • Media delivery options include USB drives, FTP (file transfer protocol) and secure FTP, hosted application access.
  • We adhere to strict security parameters that enable us to handle and process sensitive records (such as criminal files, student records, and medical documents).
  • Our Digital ReeL application can be your hosted document management solution for storage and retrieval. 
  • Annotations: add graphics and text image.
  • Redaction capability to restrict sensitive information (Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Name).
  • Watermarks for security or copyright protection; bits altered within an image to create a pattern that indicates proof of ownership.
  • Adjustable grayscale image enhancement.
  • Document integration with existing records management systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Laserfiche, and Hyland OnBase.
  • Data delivery to back-end databases, workflow, and other custom applications within your IT environment.
  • Automatic capture and indexing using optical character recognition (OCR), zonal OCR, intelligent character recognition (ICR) barcodes, and forms recognition software.
  • Manual data entry for poor quality and handwritten documents.
  • Results guaranteed up to 99.95% at the character level for verified key-key-compare and adjudicated data entry.
  • In house development team with data formatting and rules-based submissions (834/X-12).

Additional Information

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