“We looked at a lot of different options. In the end, Digital ReeL gave us exactly what we were looking for with our records converted to PDF format. In addition, BMI is hosting our records, enabling us to retrieve academic transcripts from an easy-to-use online viewer.”

– Jenny Diaz | Interim Associate Registrar


California State University, Fresno is a public university and part of the 23 campus California State University system. The Academic Records Department (Registrar) is responsible for providing excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff and the community that require official academic records.

When a grant became available to improve the efficiency of the Department, it was decided to digitally convert thousands of academic records that were archived on physical microfilm.

The Department issued an RFP with the initial intention of scanning the microfilm records to PDF and leveraging an existing document management system. However, when presented with the Digital ReeL alternative, the competitive price, nonproprietary image format (PDF, TIFF) and easy-to-use viewer made it the best option for the Department’s records.


  • Slow, difficult record retrieval due to physical microfilm
  • Reader printer machine in need of constant repair
  • Limited dollars from grant to spend on microfilm scanning solution


  • Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution
  • 450 microfilm rolls and 20 large, physical index books converted
  • Digital academic records and index books hosted at BMI’s data center
  • Fresno staff accesses records online, from Digital ReeL web viewer


  • Immediate record retrieval from a computer workstation
  • Non-proprietary format (PDF, TIFF) for email and upload into existing document management system
  • Adjustable grayscale to enhance image quality