“One of the unique aspects that the BMI Digital ReeL solution delivered was an easy-to-use product backed by a team with experience converting records with both types of indexing requirements. They were able to offer us one simple system through Digital ReeL to organize and present the information.”

– Deborah Young | Clerk of the Superior Court


The Clerk of the Superior Court’s Office serves as the official record keeper and financial officer for the Superior Court of Coconino County, Arizona. A key function of the office is to preserve records and provide the public, court, media and legal community access to all records.

In the past, records (e.g. domestic, criminal, civil, probate, and adoption cases, plus marriage licenses) were archived on microfiche and microfilm. Information retrieval from microfiche was cumbersome and once it became expensive and difficult for Coconino County Courts to find reader printer maintenance, the Clerk’s Office sought to eliminate this legacy technology.

Deborah Young, Clerk of Superior Court, states, “We had unique indexing requirements that necessitated a single solution for both case numbers and marriage license book and pages. BMI Imaging has experience digitizing court records and was able to work with us to implement a solution that properly addressed both of these indexing requirements.”


  • Slow, difficult court record retrieval from microfiche
  • Aging reader printers and no longer able to get equipment maintenance
  • Unique indexing requirements made it difficult to find the right microfilm conversion solution


  • Microfiche conversion: hundreds of thousands of microfiche and microfilm rolls representing millions of records digitally scanned by BMI Imaging
  • Digital ReeL application available on a shared, publicly accessible workstation
  • BMI Imaging on-site staff training


  • Solution for microfilm and microfiche
  • Easy-to-use solution for the public requires very little staff training
  • 3 reader printers and a camera eliminated
  • Immediate record retrieval from a computer workstation