“Our images are more legible and we’re going to effectively eliminate the physical film from our day-to-day search and retrieval efforts. The days of telling clients that we cannot provide the information because it is illegible are all but over.”

– Steve Moore | Chief Deputy of Information Technology


The Davidson County (Nashville, Tennessee) Register of Deeds is responsible for the maintenance and accessibility of publicly recorded documents that include Deeds of Trust, Liens, Plats and other information.

Several years ago, Davidson County embarked on a project to convert their records from microfilm to digital copies. The County selected a vendor offering a standard microfilm scanning service that delivered individual, indexed images as their finished product. Conversion inaccuracies and poor quality digital records left Davidson unsatisfied with the integrity of the digital records delivered by the vendor.

Davidson County was particularly impressed with Digital ReeL’s image enhancing, adjustable grayscale feature. Moore states, “We sent samples of our microfilm to BMI for testing and determined that BMI’s Digital ReeL was the answer we were looking for.”


  • Conversion inaccuracies and poor quality images from previous microfilm scanning project
  • Record searches often relied on using physical microfilm records as back-up when digital records were not legible


  • 10,000 microfilm rolls representing over 10 million records digitally scanned at BMI’s California conversion facility
  • 12 TB of virtual microfilm records stored at Metro Government Intranet
  • Virtual microfilm roll archive accessible over the Internet through the Digital ReeL web client interface


  • Faster record searches that almost never require the use of physical film
  • No longer have to tell clients that we cannot get them the information they request due to illegibility