“Not only is it easy to locate a record within the Digital ReeL app, but it’s also easy to adjust the quality of the image. Our users really benefit from the optimization features of Digital ReeL that enable them to crop sections and fine-tune the image until it’s optimized for their eye.”

– Chris Atherton | Projects Coordinator


John McAdams, Chancery Clerk, manages a unique and diverse office in Mississippi government. As the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, he records the official minutes. As Treasurer, he prepares the claims docket and payrolls for all departments of the County, and after Board approval, he writes and signs checks for payments. He also serves as the Countywide Records Manager, Public Recorder of Real Property, the County Auditor, Clerk of Land Redemption and Clerk of Chancery Court.

Chris Atherton, Projects Coordinator, states “Many of our records were microfilmed for long-term storage. There was a big push to make everything digital and accessible and we decided to look for digital alternatives to microfilm storage.”

The County evaluated three solutions, say Atherton. “As a fully hosted solution, Digital ReeL met our requirements.”


  • Records archived to physical microfilm for long-term storage, but no equipment to access records.
  • Microfilm cabinets taking up unnecessary real estate.


  • Microfilm conversion and ongoing digital hosting of records from BMI’s California production and hosting facilities
  • 295 microfilm rolls converted, including land records, marriage licenses, court records, and military discharges
  • On-going FTP uploads of newspaper images, made viewable and text- searchable within Digital ReeL


  • No IT requirements made deployment and on-going support efficient for County
  • Easy access to records through online app
  • Money saved by digitally offering daily copies of Sun Herald newspaper