“After evaluating the product with our records, we determined that Digital ReeL was the right solution. It was the most affordable option we found that met our requirements.”

– George Woods | District Technology Facilitator


Jackson Local Schools, Ohio had archived its student and employment records on microfilm and microfiche. Searching for records on microfilm was a slow and cumbersome process and when a microfilm reader broke, the school had to make a decision: invest their limited dollars in replacing the reader printer or invest in a microfilm scanning solution.

After researching a few alternatives, Jackson Local Schools selected BMI Imaging’s Digital ReeL because it was affordable and easy-to-implement. Digital ReeL’s software application includes a unique adjustable grayscale feature that enables Jackson users to optimize the quality of difficult-to-read records. In addition, Digital ReeL’s redaction feature enables workers to block out sensitive information prior to sending a school or employment record to those requesting the information.


  • Slow, difficult record retrieval due to microfilm and off-site record storage
  • Broken reader printer machine in need of repair or replacement
  • Limited budget to replace reader printer or to spend on microfilm scanning solution


  • Digital ReeL microfilm and microfiche scanning solution
  • Over 100 microfilm rolls and microfiche digitally converted by BMI Imaging
  • Digital ReeL software installed on 5 Jackson Local Schools workstations


  • Eliminated the need to maintain physical microfilm reader printer
  • Immediate record retrieval from a computer workstation
  • Adjustable grayscale enhanced the image quality of the entire record archive