“Digital ReeL gives us exactly what we need – simplified access to our large format documents and building records previously archived on physical microfiche sheets. We’re able to quickly email digital copies to our constituents and customers, providing faster service than with previous solutions.”

– Lorraine Purcell | GIS Specialist


The City of Livermore, California Community & Economic Development Department provides services that relate to land use, building construction, infrastructure development and economic development. The Department strives to consistently improve methods to access the critical information required by citizens and other City government departments.

The Community and Economic Development Department has been working with BMI Imaging for over 15 years. BMI continues to scan and index large format paper documents such as building plans, structural calculations, grading plans and utility maps.

When the City’s microfiche reader/printers began to fail, Livermore took the opportunity to explore digital options because many of the Department’s constituents were requesting emailed copies of records rather than paper copies printed from the microfiche archive.

After exploring options, the Department selected BMI’s Digital ReeL as its microfiche replacement solution. In addition, all large format paper documents are digitally available from the Digital ReeL viewer.


  • Legacy processes to scan, store and access large format documents
  • Critical community development records only available on aging microfiche archive
  • Limited capabilities to email requested records


  • Large format document scanning and indexing services
  • Digital ReeL microfiche conversion solution
  • BMI-hosted storage of digitized large format building and engineering drawings and related documents


  • Conversion of microfiche records with little City staff needed
  • Improved blueprint image quality with adjustable grayscale
  • Expanded document access to internal staff from any system
  • Easy email capability to citizens and other City departments