“BMI not only helped us eliminate lengthy document retrieval times, but also delivered a complete, customized document management solution for our Court that has made us more efficient, saved us money and prepared us for the future.”

– Steve Bouch | Chief Executive Officer


Napa County Superior Court was built in 1878 and the hall of records was built in 1918. Over time, the court managed to build a case file archive consisting of 800,000 documents. As the court records archive grew, Napa faced the constant problem of providing citizens (e.g. attorneys) the ability to quickly conduct research. In an effort to fulfill its mission of serving the public with courtesy and efficiency, Napa turned to BMI Imaging Systems to implement a complete document management solution that would not only address research needs, but also provide efficiency gains within day-to-day
court operations and case management.

BMI Imaging Systems integrated ApplicationXtender with SUSTAIN’s Justice Edition software for Napa County Superior Court. As a result, a click of a mouse brings up case files that once took up to 10 days to get out of storage. In addition, Napa implemented BMI’s Citation Processing Solution, replacing a manual and costly citation processing operation with an efficient and outsourced solution from BMI.


  • 10 day turnaround time for old case file requests
  • Manual and costly citation data entry, archival and retrieval process


  • Digital ReeL
  • Canon Scanners
  • Document scanning project (800,000 documents, 3 million pages)
  • ApplicationXtender (50 concurrent users)
  • Integration with SUSTAIN Case Management application
  • Ongoing citation data entry and scanning (1,500 per month on avg.)


  • Research room featuring computerized search and retrieval of digital case file information
  • Reduced need for citizens to require help from court staff to research
  • Reduced staff time spent locating case files to view documents
  • Citation processing cost reduction