“We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Jim and the team at BMI. We’ve all worked together to build a highly efficient, accurate process to scan our paper and ingest it into our Laserfiche environment.”

– Debbie Bretschneider | City Clerk


The City of Saratoga is an attractive residential community with a small-town vibe. Known for its high quality of life, excellent schools and distinctive businesses, Saratoga has a wealth of activities available to residents and visitors. The City is proud to be served by a variety of public agencies.

BMI Imaging has been providing Saratoga’s Building, Planning, Public Works, and Finance departments with paper scanning services since October of 2017. Debbie Bretschneider, Saratoga City Clerk, states “We have worked with Jim Detrick since 2002 at his prior organization and have found it beneficial to partner over the long-term with one organization for our Laserfiche document conversion and indexing requirements across various City Departments.”


  • Small city lacking manpower and equipment to efficiently digitize paper records on-site
  • Older records from 1980s require a lot of prep work labor prior to digitization


  • Ongoing document scanning for several Departments: Building and Planning, Public Works, Finance
  • Using indexing, barcoding, and BMI developed software designed for efficiency and accuracy


  • Ongoing partnership has enabled the development of processes designed for scale and ongoing paper digitization work
  • Laserfiche load files that minimize IT staff time at the City to populate Laserfiche with the digital records