Baltimore, Maryland Microfilm Scanning Solution

Our team of experts is standing by to work with you to make your microfilm conversion project a success. Several options are available to scan your microfilm and microfiche to digital, and we’re ready to find the optimal solution for YOU. Every project is unique, and we’re here to make sure that you get it done right the first time. Check out the information below, then let us know when you’re ready to engage in detail and we’ll have one of our teammates get in touch with you.

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BMI Imaging serves private companies and government agencies in the greater Baltimore, Maryland metro. Here is a list of some of the common industries we serve:

Baltimore, Maryland Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion Solution

Digital ReeL Overview

The Digital ReeL Baltimore, Maryland microfilm scanning solution is the affordable and practical solution for infrequently accessed or deteriorating microfilm archives. Digital ReeL includes a web-based viewer that replicates microfilm retrieval from a physical reader printer. Your users access records using the same search and retrieval methodology they currently utilize, but now leverage an internet-connected device instead of a physical reader.

Digital ReeL combines full-text searching capabilities with the utilization of your existing indexing methodology (e.g. book/page, case number, roll/frame) to enable users to quickly find information. Even multiple indexing methodologies can be accommodated.

Cloud Hosting and Installed Options 

  • On Premise: After BMI completes the microfilm scanning service, we send your digital records and the Digital ReeL application to your IT department. From there, your records are managed by your internal IT department. Researchers such as employees, citizens and customers access your digital microfilm records from a computer workstation(s) through the Digital ReeL application.
  • Cloud Option: BMI completes the Baltimore, Maryland microfilm scanning service and then hosts your digital microfilm records at our California data center. Your users log into Digital ReeL over the Internet.

Access Your Records Online Using Your Current Indexing Method

Digital ReeL utilizes your existing indexing methodology to enable users to quickly find information. Common indexing methods include book and page, case number, roll and frame and name and date. Even multiple indexing methodologies can be accommodated. Full-text search is included so that researchers can locate words, phrases and numbers across your entire digital microfilm archive.

Baltimore, Maryland Microfiche/Microfilm Reader Printer Replacement Solution

Why invest in outdated physical microfilm reader/printers when you can improve record retrieval and usability by scanning the microfiche? If you’re frustrated with your microfiche reader/printer but think it would cost too much to digitally scan your records, we encourage you to look at Digital ReeL – the affordable and easy-to-use microfilm reader/printer replacement solution.

  • Accurate Microfilm Scanning: We convert each physical microfilm roll in its entirety, ensuring that no image or information is lost. Each microfilm roll is preserved digitally just as it existed in its physical state.
  • Enhanced Image Quality with Adjustable Grayscale: users can optimize the quality of each image, making it possible to read images that might be difficult, even impossible to read on your physical microfiche.
BMI Imaging delivers successful document conversion services, document management systems, and microfilm conversion solutions to clients in Baltimore, Maryland from our secure facilities located near San Francisco, CA – the heart of Silicon Valley.