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5 Reasons to Outsource Document Scanning

Document scanning is no longer an optional activity. Information is the lifeblood of most businesses and government entities. With the growth in customer expectations, the increased need for document compliance, and the increased speed with which documents need to be gathered, it’s imperative to have a well thought out process for your organization’s document conversion requirements. Outsourcing this digital scanning activity can provide immediate, significant financial improvement to your bottom line. We outline five reasons to evaluate outsourced document scanning.

Document Scanning Definition
The process of scanning (digitally imaging) a paper document and extracting key information (indexing) for purposes of backfile scanning and retrieval or day-forward scanning.

Document scanning and content management will help you run your business, but managing the document scanning process may not be an activity that you want to take on. Allowing your employees to focus on your core business, while still having all the benefits of an automated document scanning environment, can help to make your operation more productive with less disruption of core business activities.

By outsourcing this document scanning, your company can benefit from industry best practices that have been well-tested by a document scanning provider. Using a California document scanning service provider like BMI can eliminate the hassles of the unknown.

For example, a well-known California healthcare organization turned to BMI Imaging Systems to develop a comprehensive document scanning process that included HICFA 1500 forms, EOBs, medical charts, and insurance claims. BMI has two HIPAA-compliant facilities: one in Sacramento and one near San Francisco, California. BMI Imaging’s document scanning service scans all paper documents and extracts all data on the medical forms for regular uploading to the healthcare provider’s claims processing systems. The healthcare provider slashed operational expenses and avoided the hassle of managing this process in-house.

Outsourcing document scanning can help you achieve a rapid ROI, but it can also help you improve service to your clients without adding staff or increasing software licensing costs. This may be particularly important if your business has few staff resources but high inventories of electronic files, images and paper that need to be processed quickly. A document scanning provider, like BMI, has the economies of scale that your company may not be able to replicate.

Today’s document scanning technologies can help you take this information and move it from the page to your business transaction process – quickly, accurately, and securely. By using a document scanning provider, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business in a shorter period of time and with a limited licensing investment than by doing it yourself.

Document scanning and content management implementations can deliver positive results for a wide variety of business applications across various industries, including finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. For example, a major Northern California court was not only able to improve service levels to its citizens by outsourcing their document conversion process to BMI, but was able to achieve a positive ROI during the first year of implementation.

Document-centric business processes can be improved with the use of document scanning technologies that result in reduced costs and improved relationships with your customers and suppliers. And, using an experienced document scanning service bureau like BMI will allow you to rapidly handle a wide variety of document types and business applications.

A California document scanning provider can expedite the implementation of your compliance and discovery project. By having the infrastructure and security already in place, an experienced document scanning provider like BMI Imaging can get your company up and running faster than you can in many cases. In addition, compliance costs money and although the money spent is meant to mitigate risk, it sometimes doesn’t always translate into revenue for your company. Document scanning can mitigate risk while keeping expenses lower.

Document scanning and content management applications are now recognized as a requirement to support compliance with all kinds of industry and government regulations, especially since it’s not just about managing paper documents anymore. Records managers are now looking at not just paper and microfilm storage but electronic archives, web-based access and seamless integration across all those different media types. This tends to increase the desire to not only reduce the amount of paper-based records but to have better organized and accessible electronic documents.

An experienced provider like BMI  can handle the initial load of scanning paper-based files and help with the ongoing web-based access to that information, without your organization having to allocate budget on significant one-off hardware charges that would be required for a scanning activity, as well as the additional networking and ECM software resources that would be needed to provide access.

You’ve cut staff and you still have to cut costs. What’s left? IT hardware and software maintenance costs that you’re incurring to convert your documents.

This can be even more daunting if your infrastructure has aged to the point that you really need to invest in technology – not cut it. By reducing or eliminating  software licensing costs and hardware maintenance fees, especially for onsite document scanning, companies like BMI can provide you with significant near-term results and help you get the most out of older technology resources.

Even if you can afford the initial license fees for an in-house implementation of document scanning and content management, have you accounted for total cost of ownership (TCO) of the installation, including the planned obsolescence of the scanners, storage facilities, and associated software maintenance and upgrades that will be required in the future? The TCO of a document conversion solution can add up fast, depending on the size of your organization and the industry you are in. By using a document scanning provider, you’re supported with the latest knowledge, tools, and processes to make your project a success.

Outsourcing of document scanning and integrating the scanned information with core business applications can keep your operation running at full speed even when your company has been impacted by a natural disaster or calamity. Using an outsourced document scanning and document management solution and having a web-based document and data archive that can be accessed from anywhere is one way to make sure that active documents remain active in the face of impending or sudden disaster. Having paper-based documents converted to electronic images and stored on easy-to-transport removable media, such as USB drives, that can be moved off-site to a remote office or other secure location can make the difference between being out-of-business for just a couple of days or forever.

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