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Secure Document Scanning Services for Your Records

BMI Imaging provides California organizations with a HIPAA-compliant document scanning service that leverages today’s latest scanning technology coupled with cutting-edge security methodologies. BMI’s document scanning services will help your organization transform costly paper-based work processes to more secure and efficient digital processes. Your organization can advance compliance goals and gain increased productivity with our California document scanning services.

Document Scanning Services Help Reduce Paper Loads

Many slow, inefficient internal processes start with an over-reliance on paper records. Partnering with a scanning provider to digitize your hard copy records can greatly reduce paper as part of your business workflow, creating savings in both financial and human capital. Even if eliminating all paper files is still a long-term goal, an effective document scanning solution can save your knowledge workers time and help you modernize your organizational processes.

Document Scanning Services Benefits

BMI Imaging’s document scanning services give you what you want:

  • Customized solutions to fit your project requirements
  • HIPAA-compliant security protects your sensitive records; BMI is trusted by businesses and government agencies with highly confidential records (police departments, courts, health care)
  • Two California-based document scanning service facilities (Sacramento and Silicon Valley)
  • On-site document scanning services available if your records cannot leave your site
  • Safety in knowledge and experience: BMI has been in the document scanning service business for over 50 years and knows the importance of handling records properly
  • Document scanning service preparation that includes sorting, removal of staples, etc.

Document scanning services typically involve the one-time paper-to-digital conversion of your vital organizational records, preserving them forever. Do it once and do it right with a California document scanning service provider that has been around for over 50 years, has an experienced staff with deep technical talent and the most up-to-date document scanning technologies. Select BMI Imaging Systems for your document scanning service project.

BMI Imaging serves private companies and government agencies in California, including the following industries:

BMI Imaging delivers successful microfilm and microfiche conversion solutions to clients in California from our secure facilities located near San Francisco and in Sacramento, CA.