The Digital ReeL Microfilm Imaging Solution

You’ve decided that now is the right time to look for a microfilm imaging solution. You’re only going to digitally image your microfilm archive once. For that reason, you want to select a microfilm imaging solution that ensures that every image is captured at the highest quality. You also have a limited budget. Introducing the Digital ReeL microfilm imaging solution.

Digital ReeL is both a microfilm imaging service and a software application. Digital ReeL is a microfilm imaging service that includes software that replicates the look of a physical, reader printer. Users can easily scroll through digital microfilm rolls in exactly the same way they would with a physical reader printer – only now avoiding the hassles of physical microfilm loading and reader printer malfunctions.

Digital ReeL microfilm imaging solution customers include federal government, state and local government and private companies. Example clients include county recorders, police departments, courts, insurance companies and more. Read our case studies.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

What Makes the Digital ReeL Microfilm Imaging Solution Unique?

  • Microfilm Imaging Assurance: Digital ReeL converts the entire microfilm roll with near-100% accuracy because the entire microfilm roll is converted during the microfilm imaging process. No details are lost, preserving your microfilm rolls exactly as they appeared in their physical state.
  • Affordable Price: the Digital ReeL microfilm imaging solution is priced 50% less than standard microfilm imaging methods (ideal for infrequently accessed microfilm archives).
  • Image Quality: Built-in, adjustable grayscale is included; users can optimize even the toughest-to-read images by adjusting the contrast and brightness of each image prior to emailing, printing or saving.

On Premise Installations and Hosted Options Available

  • On Premise: BMI performs the microfilm imaging service, digitizing all of your microfilm records. Your organization’s IT department then installs Digital ReeL and manages the servers and storage that store your digitally converted microfilm. Users access records from a computer workstation(s) through an installable, Digital ReeL application or the Digital ReeL web interface.
  • Hosted Option: This option is ideal for organizations that have limited IT departments or who want to avoid an up-front capital expenditure. BMI completes the microfilm imaging service and then stores your digitally converted microfilm records at our secure data center. Users log into the Internet and access their images from the Digital ReeL web interface.

Secure, Northern California Microfilm Imaging Facilities

Digital ReeL’s microfilm imaging service is completed at one of BMI Imaging’s two HIPAA-compliant secure facilities (on-site microfilm imaging is available). Each one of our production facilities includes fire-suppression and sprinkler systems, alarms, remote monitoring and tightly controlled facility access.

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