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Document Imaging and Conversion Washington Area

/Document Imaging and Conversion Washington Area

Document Imaging and Conversion Washington Area

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Document Imaging and Conversion Washington Area

For more than 50 years, BMI Imaging Systems has been a leader in document management, microfilm scanning and microfiche conversion – which has enabled us to innovate unique solutions such as the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution. BMI serves government agencies and private organizations nationwide.

As an industry leader, we provide efficient and effective microfilm scanning, document conversion and image processing systems from our secure facilities located near San Francisco, CA – the heart of Silicon Valley.

Complete Record Conversion and Microfilm Scanning Processes Serving the Washington D.C. Area

Whether it’s document conversion or microfilm scanning, BMI’s Conversion Process has been perfected to allow just about any type of media to be prepped, imaged and digitally reassembled to suit your needs. Common media formats include:

  • Document Conversion
    • Small paper format
    • Large paper format (including engineering drawings, building plans)
    • Books
  • Microforms Conversion
    • Microfilm Scanning
    • Microfiche Conversion
    • Aperture Cards

We can produce digital images in many different formats:

  • PDF and PDF/A
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • And more

Once the document or microfilm scanning process has been completed, BMI provides a full suite of digital image processing and indexing and data entry services.

  • Image Processing
    • Image enhancement
    • PDF processing
    • Image conversion
  • Indexing & Data Entry
    • 99.95% accuracy
    • HIPAA-compliant security
    • Automatic index capture (e.g. OCR, forms recognition)
    • Manual data entry
    • Data delivery and import file creation

Delivery of your digital documents can be achieved in several ways:

  • FTP
  • CD-ROM/DVD (including searchable database options if you do not have a document management solution)
  • Hard drive
  • Document Hosting
    • Images are hosted with BMI
    • No hardware, software or IT management required
    • Quickly access your documents from a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)