Florida Microfiche Scanning Company

Looking for a Florida microfiche scanning company? With customers nationwide (read our case studies), Digital ReeL is the proven microfiche replacement solution for Florida companies and government agencies desiring to finally convert legacy microfiche archives. BMI is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California and we offer Digital ReeL nationwide.

Records on physical microfiche are at risk of being destroyed by use and film deterioration. Yet, the expense of microfiche scanning has been too high for many organizations. Digital ReeL is purposefully designed as a practical, affordable microfiche scanning solution. We start by making digital replicas of your microfiche (or microfilm), preserving each microfiche exactly as it appeared in its physical state. Digital ReeL includes an easy-to-use web viewer for users to retrieve digital records from a PC or smartphone, avoiding all the hassles of handling physical microfiche records.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

How We are Different from Any Other Florida Microfiche Scanning Company

  • Customers nationwide such as federal government agencies, state and local government departments (e.g. courts, building departments, law enforcement) and private companies (e.g. insurance, energy, title archives)
  • Over 50 years in business
  • #1 microfilm scanning solution in California government
  • Over 1 billion images securely managed at BMI’s data center

Flexible, Secure Microfiche Delivery Options

We offer multiple delivery options depending upon your location and the sensitivity of your records:

  • Standard shipping services for many of our clients across the country are acceptable (e.g. UPS or FedEx)
  • For highly sensitive information, we offer secure methods of media transportation.
  • On-site conversion options available with a local Florida microfiche scanning company (one of our partners)

Secure Microfiche Scanning Facilities & Networks

In California, our microfiche scanning facilities are highly secure:

  • They comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication (NIST SP) 800-53 guidelines
  • All employees handling secure information go through DoJ background checks
  • Microfiche scanning labs are securely blocked off from other parts of the building with FOB access for qualified lab technicians only
  • We have an on-site media storage vault to safely store your physical microfiche

Easy-to-Use Web Viewer Included

  • Your digital microfiche records are made accessible through an intuitive web viewer that emulates microfiche retrieval from a reader printer
  • Records are stored in non-proprietary formats like PDF or TIFF, making records in Digital ReeL easily exportable to existing document management systems
  • Retrieve records using the same index as in your physical microfiche archive (e.g. roll label, book and page, case number and any other indexing method you may be using)
  • Additionally, use full-text search to find records using keywords and phrases
  • Convert difficult-to-read images into grayscale and then adjust the grayscale until the image quality is optimized

Contact Us for Microfiche Scanning in Florida

BMI Imaging’s technical team is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, California). We offer our microfiche scanning solutions nationwide, including the state of Florida. We have a local Florida microfiche scanning company that we partner with and if needed, we can perform the microfiche scanning at your Florida location.

Contact us at (800) FLY-FILM for more information.