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/Image Processing Washington DC Virginia MD

Image Processing Washington DC Virginia MD

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Document Imaging and Processing Services

Document imaging and processing services for government, educational, medical and business services – serving greater Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas

In many cases, document imaging and microfilm or microfiche scanning to a digital format is only the beginning. Images often need further processing such as enhancements, cropping, rotation and converting to different formats.

BMI implements time tested procedures to ensure your document imaging project meets the highest level of quality and accuracy specifications.

Document Imaging Enhancements

Examples of BMI’s document imaging enhancement capabilities include:

  • Annotations – graphic or text which is added to an image page that was not part of the original image
  • Redaction of sensitive information
  • Resolution refinements
  • Grayscale enhancements
  • Cropping – trim the edges of an image
  • Watermarks – for security or copyright protection; bits altered within an image to create a pattern which indicates proof of ownership
  • Rotation -turning the image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees to the left or right
  • Black border removal – remove black edges that sometimes appear around the image during scanning or photocopying
  • Line removal -remove lines from, or to reconstruct lines on, a form-based image
  • Noise removal – noise can be picked up from carbon or dirt particles found in scanners, fax machines, or copiers. This process removes them from the document
  • Inverting (polarity) – creating a negative of an image. Black pixels become white and white pixels become black (or vice versa)
  • Deskewing – removing the slant of an image that prevents it from being perfectly squared on the page or screen
  • Despeckling – removing isolated speckles from an image file. Speckles often develop when a document is scanned
  • Mirroring – an image that is reversed from left to right

PDF Processing

  • Searchable PDF
  • Programming
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Plug-ins

Image Conversions

Following the document imaging process, BMI can provide technical services to convert images to different formats and to enhance or change image characteristics.

  • Convert images and indexes from a legacy imaging system into a new system
  • XML/HTML conversion for many types of applications and interoperability between applications
  • Government document conversions
  • Educational record conversion and storage
  • Medical record conversion and retrieval
  • Business document and image scanning and retrieval