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Iowa Microfilm Conversion

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Iowa Microfilm Conversion

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Iowa Microfilm Conversion Solution

Digital ReeL is an Iowa microfilm conversion solution for infrequently accessed records that continue to be archived on legacy, physical microfilm. Ideal for companies and government agencies with legacy microfilm (read our case studies), we will digitally convert your microfilm at our California Silicon Valley facility. If your records must remain in Iowa, we regularly work with regional partners to complete the Iowa microfilm conversion process.

The Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution includes a web application, making it easy to access records locally and over the Internet. With our microfilm roll based pricing (not individual image pricing), Digital ReeL is the affordable and practical microfilm conversion solution you’ve been looking for.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

Microfilm Conversion Accuracy

We create a digital replica of each physical microfilm roll in its entirety. No images or details on the microfilm are lost, preserving your records exactly as they appeared in their physical state.

Web Application Included for Easy Retrieval and Viewing

The Digital ReeL Iowa microfilm conversion solution includes a viewer that emulates microfilm retrieval from a physical reader. Digital ReeL combines full-text search and retrieval capabilities with your existing indexing scheme so users can quickly find information. Book and page, case number, roll and frame, and more are examples that Digital ReeL supports. Users access digital microfilm from a browser, completely avoiding the need to use a physical reader or load physical microfilm again.

Install At Your Iowa Location or Leverage the Cloud

  • On Premise: After BMI completes the microfilm conversion service, your IT department manages your digitally converted microfilm records along with the Digital ReeL application. Users access records from a computer through the Digital ReeL web interface.

  • Cloud Option: BMI not only performs the microfilm conversion service, but also hosts your digital microfilm records at our data center. Your researchers will log into the Digital ReeL web client to search and access records (the same interface as the on premise option).

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