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Microfiche Conversion Company – Washington DC Area

/Microfiche Conversion Company – Washington DC Area

Microfiche Conversion Company – Washington DC Area

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Microfiche Conversion Solution Company – Washington D.C. Area

BMI Imaging brings fifty years of microfiche conversion experience and an expert staff of microfiche conversion engineers to offer a different approach – Digital ReeL.

Digital ReeL is a complete microfiche conversion solution that includes the conversion of your physical microfiche library and a software application that resembles the look of a standard reader printer.

Microfiche Conversion Serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

The Digital ReeL microfiche conversion solution is different from typical microfiche conversion services in the following ways:

  • Accuracy of the Microfiche Conversion Process: Rather than dissociating every image that sits on each microfiche, Digital ReeL converts the entire microfiche. Because the entire microfiche is converted, the risk of losing any image during the microfiche conversion process is eliminated.
  • 50% Lower Price Than Other Microfiche Conversion Services: The Digital ReeL microfiche conversion process has been tuned for efficiency as well as accuracy. As a result, we are able to offer Digital ReeL at prices 50% lower than most other solutions on the market today.
  • Quality of your Digital Microfiche Image Library: Adjustable grayscale is included with Digital ReeL. As a result, users can optimize the contrast and brightness of every image. Users can adjust each image until it is optimized for viewing.

Digital ReeL Offered as a Hosted Solution – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Digital ReeL is offered as traditional, installed software and as a hosted service. In both cases, BMI will perform the microfiche conversion for your organization. Once the microfiche conversion is completed, your organization can select one of two options:

  • On Premise Software: Your digital images and the Digital ReeL software application are delivered on hard drive to your organization. Your IT department stores the digital files and installs Digital ReeL on one or more computer workstations. Users access the digital microfiche archive from the Digital ReeL interface – available from an interface installed on the computer workstation or from a web browser, through the Digital ReeL web client.
  • Document Hosting (SaaS): Once BMI completes the microfiche conversion process, BMI stores your images at it’s secure data center. Users access all images from the Digital ReeL web client. Combining Digital ReeL with BMI’s Document Hosting Solution is an excellent option for organizations who do not have the IT resources or want to avoid the IT hassles of protecting, securing and managing the digital microfiche archive.

Call (800) FLY-FILM to learn more about our Washington microfiche conversion solution.