Microfiche Conversion Washington DC Virginia MD

/Microfiche Conversion Washington DC Virginia MD

Microfiche Conversion Washington DC Virginia MD

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Microfiche Conversion Solution for Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland

Digital ReeL is a Washington microfiche conversion service that includes a unique application specifically designed for the retrieval of microfilm, microfiche and aperture card digital images. The interface replicates the look of a standard reader printer, requiring virtually no training for end users. Users access records from a computer workstation via client-installed software or web browser exactly as they would a physical microfilm roll or microfiche – only now using a computer. Thus, users avoid the hassles of handling physical microfiche and microfilm and having to learn how to load and operate a physical reader printer.

Digital ReeL has customers nationwide (read our case studies), including federal government, state and local government and a host of private organizations. Federal agencies, county recorders, courts, law enforcement and more have come to trust their records to Digital ReeL.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

Why is the Digital ReeL Microfiche Conversion Solution Different?

Conversion Accuracy: Digital ReeL converts microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards with 100% microfiche conversion accuracy because the entire roll or card is converted. Your microfilm rolls, microfiche and aperture cards are digitally preserved exactly as they appeared in their physical state.

Image Quality: During the microfiche-to-digital conversion process, it is not uncommon for images to have difficult-to-read sections, even illegible portions. Digital ReeL gives every user a built-in adjustable grayscale feature. Users have the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast of every image, enhancing the quality of each image until it can be read. This feature is particularly helpful for older microfiche records where degradation of the image may make certain records virtually illegible.

Affordable Price – 50% Less Expensive Than Standard Microfiche Conversion Services: If your organization has inquired about converting your legacy microfiche archives in the past, but found traditional microfiche-to-digital conversion services too expensive, BMI Imaging encourages you to consider Digital ReeL. Digital ReeL is ideal for infrequently accessed microfilm, microfiche and aperture card archives.

On Premise and Hosted Options Available

Digital ReeL’s microfiche conversion service is completed at one of BMI Imaging’s facilities (optional on-site microfiche conversion is available). The Digital ReeL software application comes with two options:

On Premise
Your organization’s IT department installs the Digital ReeL application and manages the servers and storage that store your digitally converted microfilm, microfiche and aperture card records. Users access records from a computer workstation(s).

BMI Imaging completes not only the microfiche conversion, but also stores your digitally converted records at our secure, highly available data center. Users simply log into the Internet and access their images from the Digital ReeL web interface. This solution is ideal for organization’s that do not want to incur an up-front capital expenditure or want to avoid the hassle of purchasing servers, storage and the IT resources to manage the ongoing system.

Contact BMI at (800) FLY-FILM to learn more about our Washington microfiche conversion solution.