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Microfiche Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

/Microfiche Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

Microfiche Scanning Washington DC Virginia MD

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Virginia Microfiche Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

50% More Affordable Than Standard Microfiche Scanning Services: Digital ReeL is ideal for infrequently accessed microfiche, microfilm and aperture card archives. If your organization considered converting your microfiche archives in the past, but found it too expensive, BMI Imaging encourages you to research Digital ReeL. Digital ReeL has been purpose-built to provide a practical and affordable solution for archives like this. Read our case studies.

Microfiche Scanning Accuracy: Digital ReeL converts the entire microfiche and microfilm roll – your microfiche, microfilm rolls and aperture cards are digitally preserved exactly as they appeared in their physical state. It may come as a surprise to some, but standard microfiche scanning services dissociate images from the microfilm roll or microfiche during conversion. As a result, images can get missed for a host of reasons, including poor film quality, machine error and human error (e.g. incorrectly type index data). By converting the entire microfiche or microfilm roll, Digital ReeL provides users a visually obvious means to ensure that no images were lost during the microfiche scanning process.

Image Quality: Older microfiche archives often contain poor quality, even illegible images. Digital ReeL will enhance the quality of your entire microfiche archive by converting every image into an adjustable grayscale version. Users have the ability to optimize the quality of every image, adjusting the contrast and brightness – even the most difficult-to-read images can often be made legible again.

On Premise and Hosted Options Available

Easy to use and incredibly efficient, Digital ReeL’s microfiche scanning process includes an application that looks like a reader printer. Install Digital ReeL at your organization and access images from a workstation/web browser or host your images with BMI and access them over the Internet from the Digital ReeL Web interface.

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