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Microfilm Digitization Solution

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Microfilm Digitization Solution

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Microfilm Digitization Solution | Digital ReeL

Replace Physical Microfilm and Readers with the Digital ReeL Microfilm Digitization Solution

Microfilm Digitization SolutionAnyone who handles microfilm knows how cumbersome it is to locate the right microfilm roll, mount it to a legacy reader and find the document. For organizations that present public-facing access, staff time can be consumed trying to help patrons, citizens and customers fumble through the physical archive. However, for many organizations, the expense of microfilm digitization has been too high.

Not anymore. Unlike any other microfilm digitization solution, Digital ReeL offers an affordable, practical option that is no more expensive than making a microfilm or microfiche duplicate.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Microfilm Digitization Case Study: Lancaster County (Lincoln) Nebraska

Microfilm Digitization Case StudyScott Gaines, Chief Deputy, Lancaster County Nebraska, states “Digital ReeL was by far the most affordable solution we looked at to bring this legacy microfilm archive into the digital age. Researchers can search for all records from our existing system and if the record is older than 1987, they are presented with instructions on how to find the information in Digital ReeL. All of this is completed from a computer, removing any physical microfilm from the retrieval process.”

Read more about the Lancaster County, Nebraska microfilm digitization project.

View our library of case studies to learn how organizations nationwide are using the Digital ReeL microfilm digitization solution.

Exploring Records on Microfilm has Never Been Easier!

  • Microfilm digitization service completed at our Silicon Valley facility (NIST compliant; we convert highly confidential government records).
  • Turns any PC, laptop or tablet into an elegant, simple virtual microfilm reader.
  • Digital ReeL works just like a traditional reader printer, allowing the user to smoothly scroll the entire microfilm roll or microfiche sheet, looking for documents.
  • Use your existing micrographic indexing methodology to find information (e.g. case number, roll number, date, volume, page).
  • Full text search included to unlock your entire archive to searches based on keywords and numbers.
  • Convert impossible to read words and grainy images into photo quality documents with our unique adjustable grayscale feature.
  • Print, email and save from Digital ReeL; images saved as TIFF or PDF.

On Premise and Cloud Based Options

Digital ReeL is offered as a traditional, on premise solution and as a cloud-based, SaaS offering. After we digitally scan your records, we work with a member of your IT department to install the Digital ReeL application at your site (on premise). Alternatively, we can store and host your digital records at our secure data center as a cloud-based SaaS offering.

Contact Us For Your Microfilm Digitization Requirements

The Digital ReeL microfilm digitization solution is offered nationwide! Make it easy for staff, citizens of your community and customers to digitally explore records.

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