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New York Microfiche Conversion Company

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New York Microfiche Conversion Company

Digital ReeL is available from a New York microfiche conversion company. For records still archived on microfiche and at risk of deteriorating, Digital ReeL is the affordable solution you are looking for. Customers throughout the nation are successfully using Digital ReeL today. Read our case studies to learn more.

BMI Imaging is located in Northern California. Your records are securely delivered to our Silicon Valley based California NIST SP 800 compliant facility. We create digital replicas of each microfiche (or microfilm roll). If your records cannot leave your site, we will partner with a local New York microfiche conversion company.

Digital ReeL includes an online application that converts your PC, tablet or smartphone into a reader printer. Patrons, employees or citizens will find it easy to locate needed information and they’ll never have to work with physical microfiche or legacy reader printers again.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

Affordable Microfiche Conversion Solution

We all know that physical microfiche and microfilm deteriorates over time. Yet, many important one-of-a-kind historical documents continue to be archived on physical microfilm. Chances are, you have researched the digital conversion of these records before but found the price too expensive.

We are your affordable, practical New York microfiche conversion company! Digital ReeL is priced per microfiche rather than individual image (hundreds of images typically on one microfiche). You will find that our solution is affordable and practical for your infrequently accessed records on microfiche.

Web Viewer Makes it Easy to Find, Save, Print and Email Information

Users will log into Digital ReeL from any computer (or tablet) through a web browser. Once logged in, users retrieve records using the same index as your physical records (roll label, book/page, case number, etc.). In addition, Digital ReeL includes full text search so that any record can be located using numbers or keywords. Adjustable grayscale image enhancement is included to optimize the quality of difficult to read text or grainy photos. From there, users can print, email or save needed records.

On Premise and Cloud Solutions

Digital ReeL is offered with two deployment models:

  1. Traditional On Premise Solution: once your microfiche records are scanned, your organization receives the digital records along with the Digital ReeL application (we typically send via a hard drive). Your team then installs and manages your system.
  2. Hosted, Cloud Service: we scan your microfiche and then host your records at our secure data center. We manage the entire system for you and then your users simply access records by logging into Digital ReeL through a web browser.

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