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BMI Imaging serves private companies and government agencies in the North Carolina metro area, including the following industries:

North Carolina Microfiche Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL Overview 

Digital ReeL is an affordable, practical microfilm conversion solution well suited for infrequently accessed microfilm archives. Digital ReeL’s microfilm conversion accuracy and image quality make it ideal for federal agencies, North Carolina state and local government and North Carolina companies. Read our case studies to learn how other organizations are using the Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution.

BMI Imaging completes the microfilm conversion process at our secure facility (on-site options available). The Digital ReeL microfilm conversion service creates a digital replica of your physical microfilm – the entire microfilm roll, not just the individual images, is digitally converted. The Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution includes a web-based viewer that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Your users retrieve virtual microfilm rolls from a computer, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers.

North Carolina courts, law enforcement, county recorders, title companies, educational institutions, insurance organizations and more can trust their records to Digital ReeL.

Indexing and Search Utilizes Your Existing Micrographic Methodology

Digital ReeL offers full-text searching capabilities while also supporting your existing micrographic indexing methodology to enable users to easily find information. Book and page, case number, roll and frame and more are example indexing methodologies supported by Digital ReeL. Multiple indexing methodologies can be accommodated.

Secure Facilities

Digital ReeL’s microfilm conversion service is completed at one of BMI Imaging’s two secure facilities (optional on-site conversion is available). Your records are safe in our hands as each one of our production facilities includes alarm and sprinkler systems, fire-suppression equipment, remote monitoring and tightly controlled facility access.

On Premise and Cloud Options Available 

  • On Premise: After BMI completes the microfilm conversion service at our facility or at your site, we deliver your digitally converted microfilm records and the Digital ReeL application to your organization. Users access records from a computer workstation(s) through the Digital ReeL web viewer.
  • Digital ReeL Cloud Option: BMI completes the microfilm conversion service and then stores your digitally converted records at our secure data center. Users then log into the Internet and access their images from the Digital ReeL web interface. The Digital ReeL Cloud Option is ideal for organizations that want to avoid the hassle of purchasing servers, storage and the IT resources to manage the ongoing system.

A Unique North Carolina Microfilm Conversion Solution 

  • Affordable Price: Our microfilm conversion service avoids costly, error prone manual indexing by leveraging your existing micrographic  schema. Because of this, Digital ReeL is often priced 50% less than standard microfilm conversion methods (ideal for infrequently accessed microfilm archives).
  • Microfilm Conversion Accuracy: Digital ReeL converts microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards with complete accuracy because the entire microfilm roll or microfiche is converted – no images or details are lost, digitally preserving your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards exactly as they appeared in their physical state.
  • Image Quality: Adjustable grayscale is included, enabling users to optimize the quality of tough-to-read images.

North Carolina Microfilm Reader Printer Replacement Solution

Why invest in outdated physical microfiche reader/printers when you can improve record retrieval and usability by scanning the microfiche? If you’re frustrated with your microfiche reader/printer but think it would cost too much to digitally scan your records, we encourage you to look at Digital ReeL – the affordable and easy-to-use microfiche and microfilm reader/printer replacement solution.

BMI Imaging delivers successful microfilm and microfiche conversion solutions to clients in North Carolina from our secure facilities located near San Francisco, CA – the heart of Silicon Valley.