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Philadelphia Pennsylvania Microfilm Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL Overview 

The Digital ReeL solution is a Philadelphia Pennsylvania microfilm scanning service that includes software that has been designed for viewing microfilm, microfiche and aperture card digital images; the interface emulates retrieval from a physical reader printer. Performed by BMI at one of our secure microfilm scanning facilities, the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning service creates a precise virtual, digital replica of your microfilm records  (the entire roll or card is digitally converted). The Digital ReeL software interface mimics the look and feel of a physical microfilm reader printer so that users can scroll back and forth through a virtual microfilm roll. The best part is that Digital ReeL requires no training. Users simply search and retrieve documents online like they would when using a physical microfilm reader machine.

Cloud Hosting and Installed Options

Simple and incredibly efficient, the Digital ReeL microfilm scanning solution is offered as both an on premise solution and a hosted solution. The on premise solution enables you to purchase the Digital ReeL software and install it at your organization’s site so that your users can easily access images from a PC workstation. The hosted option is ideal for customers who do not want to involve their IT department. BMI will not only perform the microfilm scanning process, but we will also host your virtual microfilm rolls at our secure data center. Your users will access images over the Internet from the Digital ReeL web interface.

Digital ReeL is the Practical Solution for Your Legacy Records 

  • Microfilm Scanning Accuracy: Digital ReeL scans microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards with complete microfilm scanning accuracy because the entire microfilm roll or card is converted. Your microfilm rolls are digitally preserved as virtual microfilm rolls exactly as they appeared in their physical state.
  • Affordable Price: Digital ReeL is half  the price of standard microfilm scanning methods. It is the preferred method for infrequently accessed microfilm, microfiche and aperture card archives.
  • Digital Image Quality: During the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania microfilm scanning process, it is common for records to have sections that are difficult and even impossible to read. With Digital ReeL’s adjustable grayscale feature, users have the ability to adjust and optimize the quality of each image. Even the toughest-to-read images can be brought back to life with Digital ReeL.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Microfiche Reader/Printer Replacement Solution

If you’re frustrated with your microfiche reader/printer but think it would cost too much to digitally scan your records, we encourage you to look at Digital ReeL – the affordable and easy-to-use microfilm reader/printer replacement solution.

  • Enhanced Image Quality with Adjustable Grayscale: users can optimize the quality of each image, making it possible to read images that might be difficult, even impossible to read on your physical microfiche.
  • Affordable Microfiche Reader/Printer Replacement Solution: In many cases, scanning your microfiche records to digital costs less than buying a reader/printer, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a physical machine!
  • No More Physical Units: When you scan your microfiche, you can retire your hardware units and not have to worry about maintenance, space requirements, and all the other nuances of microfiche machines.
BMI Imaging delivers successful microfilm and microfiche conversion solutions to clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from our secure facilities located near San Francisco, CA – the heart of Silicon Valley.