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San Jose, California Document Management

Before organizations can banish paper from the office, proper document management and capture processes must be adopted.

Despite all of the products available and the maturity of the document management industry, many organizations struggle to automate the process of storing and managing their documents and records. The paperless office continues to elude government agencies and private companies decades after the term was first coined. Building permits, court case records, human resource files and other types of document management processing are core operational activities that can suffer because of the inherent inefficiencies of using paper documents. But to make document management a reality, organizations have to first get the paper and microfilm records into their systems with imaging and document capture.

Document capture fits into the larger context of a document management with two levels of document capture operations. The first is document imaging in its simplest form: the act of scanning documents and creating digital images of them. The second involves gathering data about the document content from the printed page or the electronic documents and associating that metadata with the digital records in a document management system. The metadata allows for quick search and retrieval across any collection of digitally stored documents. Sophisticated document capture software can be set up to automatically recognize and capture data and then deliver digital records and metadata to a variety of applications and back-end databases and applications.

The real strategic value is found by unlocking the data contained on those printed pages. The right document capture and document management systems delivers cost-effectiveness, operational agility and better compliance by eliminating manual steps.

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