Texas Microfiche Scanning

Providing Texas Companies and Government Agencies a Cost Effective Tool to Handle Any Size Microfilm or Microfiche Scanning Project

If you have decided to undertake a microform scanning project (e.g. microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards) and have a limited budget, you’ve come to the right place. Digital ReeL is a unique microfilm/fiche scanning solution that is half the price of competitive offerings while simultaneously providing complete microfilm scanning accuracy along with the highest quality images the industry can offer – adjustable grayscale is built into the solution. With customers in Texas and nationwide (read our case studies), Digital ReeL is the microfilm and microfiche scanning solution you have been looking for.

Digital ReeL is a microfilm scanning service and a software application. BMI will complete the scanning service at our secure conversion facilities and then deliver a purpose-built application that literally looks like a reader printer. Our microfilm scanning service scans the entire microfilm roll or fiche sheet, creating an exact digital representation of each roll or microfiche. Users retrieve, view and take action from a computer with the Digital ReeL application.

BMI Imaging serves Texas government organizations and private companies, including the following:

Digital ReeL Hosted Options Available

  • On Premise: Your organization’s IT department installs the Digital ReeL application and manages the servers and storage that store your digitally scanned microfiche records. Users access records from a computer workstation(s) through an installable, Digital ReeL application or the Digital ReeL web interface.
  • Hosted Option: BMI completes the microfiche scanning service and then stores your digitally converted microfiche records at our secure data center. Users simply log into the Internet and access images from Digital ReeL’s web interface. Avoid up-front capital expenditures and avoid the hassles that come with managing servers and storage by combining Digital ReeL with BMI’s Document Hosting Service.

Digital ReeL is a Unique

  • Affordable Price: Digital ReeL is ideal for infrequently accessed microfilm/microfiche archives because it is often 50% less than other types of microfiche scanning services on the market.
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Assurance: Typical microfiche and microfilm conversion services will lose a small percentage of your images during the conversion. Even scanning accuracies greater than 99% can still result in hundreds, even thousands of lost images. The Digital ReeL microfiche and microfilm conversion solution is unique because we scan the entire roll/fiche (we don’t dissociate images from the roll or fiche which can lead to lost images). No images or details are lost and you get an exact, digital representation of each microfilm roll and microfiche – just as they appeared in their physical state.
  • Adjustable Grayscale Image Quality: Digital ReeL includes adjustable grayscale. Users are able to adjust the contrast and brightness of each image. Even the toughest-to-read images can be optimized using Digital ReeL.
BMI Imaging delivers efficient and high quality microfilm conversion and microfiche scanning solutions to our Texas clients from our secure facilities located in Sunnyvale and Sacramento, California.