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Texas Virtual Film Solution

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Texas Virtual Film Solution

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Texas Virtual Film Solution

Replace Physical Microfilm and Machines with the Digital ReeL Virtual Film Solution

Virtual Film Solution

We regularly work with Texas organizations (private and government) that struggle with records on physical microfilm but believe that it is too expensive to digitally convert their archive.

Digital ReeL is an elegant virtual film solution that is affordably priced per microfilm roll or microfiche sheet (no more expensive than making a physical duplicate). Digital ReeL includes the conversion of your physical archive to virtual film and microfiche replicas at one of our Northern California facilities. Users easily scroll the microfilm ribbon like they would on a physical reader. Full text search makes it easy to locate any document across the entire archive.

Virtual Film Video Overview

Virtual Film Case Study: Phoenix Police Department

Virtual Film Solution Case StudyJudie Welch, Records and Identification Bureau Administrator, Phoenix Police Department, states, “We researched traditional film-to-digital imaging solutions, but found the products too involved and expensive for our needs. The Digital ReeL virtual film solution provides an exact digital replica of our microfilm and is accessible on our existing workstations. The price amazed us – 50% less than any other solution we looked at.” Read more about the virtual film solution. View other case studies and learn how other organizations nationwide are using the Digital ReeL virtual film solution.

Digital ReeL Virtual Film Makes Exploring Records Easy

Digital ReeL turns any computer or tablet into a virtual film reader. Users scroll an entire virtual film roll or navigate a digital microfiche sheet. With the Digital ReeL virtual film solution, full text search makes retrieving a record as easy as typing the keyword or phrase you are searching for. In addition, your users can locate documents using the same micrographic indexing methodology you have for your existing, physical microfilm library. Examples include roll/frame, date, volume, page and case number.

Adjustable Grayscale Image Enhancement

Convert difficult-to-read words and poor quality images into high resolution photos with Digital ReeL’s adjustable grayscale feature. Unlike other solutions that may offer grayscale, Digital ReeL enables users to adjust the grayscale document to fine tune it before sending, printing or saving the file.

On Premise and Cloud Based Options

Digital ReeL is offered as a traditional, on premise solution and as a cloud-based, SaaS offering. Store and manage your virtual film records at your data center or at our secure data center (BMI has a longstanding partnership with Raging Wire data centers to ensure high availability and disaster recovery of your records).

Contact Us For Your Texas Virtual Film Requirements

The Digital ReeL virtual film solution is offered nationwide! Make it easy for staff, citizens of your community and customers to digitally explore records.

Call (800) FLY-FILM. We will respond to your query within 24 hours.