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BMI Imaging serves private companies and government agencies in Vermont, including the following industries:

Vermont Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion Solution

Digital ReeL Overview 

BMI Imaging has developed a unique microfilm scanning solution for Vermont organizations called Digital ReeL. Digital ReeL is the perfect microfilm replacement solution for infrequently accessed records where the cost of scanning has been too high.

Traditional microfilm scanning services are expensive because they frame and index each individual image on a strip of microfilm. This added manual labor drives the price of this type of service and it is often too pricey for records that are not accessed that often. As a result, records continue to be trapped on a legacy microfilm format. Instead of manually extracting individual images on a microfilm, we scan the entire strip, delivering a digital microfilm roll replica. Digital ReeL includes a web viewer that enables easy online record retrieval using your existing index and full-text search. Records are stored in Digital ReeL in standard PDF or TIFF formats, making it easy to import records from Digital ReeL into a different document management system.

With government and corporate clients all over the Country (read our case studies), Digital ReeL is the microfilm scanning solution you have been looking for. BMI is located in California. We have Digital ReeL customers nationwide and can work with a regional Vermont microfilm scanning company to convert your microfilm to Digital ReeL.

Cloud Hosting and Installed Options 

  • Hosted Application: BMI offers a hosted application for your digital records, stored on servers at our two data centers. Your users will log into the Digital ReeL portal through an Internet browser to search and access records. Easy to access and easy to use!
  • On-site Installation: If you’d rather store your records at your location, we can deliver your scanned records along with the Digital ReeL application to your IT department. Your records are kept and managed internally. Users will access your digital microfilm records from a computer workstation(s).

Secure Microfilm Scanning Facilities & Networks

We have two free-standing NIST SP compliant microfilm scanning facilities in California that are capable of handling the most confidential records (we regularly work with state and federal government agencies where security is a priority).

Easy-to-Use Viewer Turns Your Computer into a Microfilm Reader

Digital ReeL includes an app accessed from the Web that resembles a reader printer. Retrieve digital records using the same indexing method you use with your physical microfilm library. Digital ReeL supports roll label, book/page, case numbers and virtually any physical microfilm library indexing structure. In addition, Digital ReeL includes global text-search retrieval options so that users can find records using keywords and phrases. Adjust the quality of any image with adjustable grayscale.

Vermont Microfiche Reader/Printer Replacement Solution

If you’re frustrated with your microfiche reader/printer but think it would cost too much to digitally scan your records, we encourage you to look at Digital ReeL – the affordable and easy-to-use microfilm reader/printer replacement solution.

  • Enhanced Image Quality with Adjustable Grayscale: users can optimize the quality of each image, making it possible to read images that might be difficult, even impossible to read on your physical microfiche.
  • Affordable Microfiche Reader/Printer Replacement Solution: In many cases, scanning your microfiche records to digital costs less than buying a reader/printer, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a physical machine!
  • No More Physical Units: When you scan your microfiche, you can retire your hardware units and not have to worry about maintenance, space requirements, and all the other nuances of microfiche machines.
BMI Imaging delivers successful microfilm and microfiche conversion solutions to clients in Vermont from our secure facilities located near San Francisco, CA – the heart of Silicon Valley.