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Washington Microfiche Scanning

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Washington Microfiche Scanning

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Washington Microfiche Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL is a holistic microfiche scanning solution ideal for Washington government agencies and companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, BMI’s secure conversion facility are capable of handling the most secure information. 

We scan the entire microfiche, creating a virtual replica of your microfiche records. The Digital ReeL microfiche scanning solution includes an online viewer that emulates microfiche retrieval from a physical reader printer. Citizens, employees and customers retrieve virtual microfiche records from the Digital ReeL application, avoiding the need to use physical microfiche and legacy reader printers.

With customers nationwide (read our case studies), Digital ReeL is the Washington microfiche scanning solution you have been looking for.

Digital ReeL Video Overview

Davidson County, Tennessee Customer Interview

What Makes the Digital ReeL Microfiche Scanning Solution Unique?

  • Affordable Price: Digital ReeL is less expensive than standard microfiche scanning services because we price per microfiche rather than per image (microfiche store hundreds of images).
  • Microfiche Scanning Precision: Digital ReeL converts microfiche and microfilm with complete accuracy because the entire microfiche or microfilm roll is digitally converted into a virtual image. No details or images are lost as we digitally preserve each microfiche and microfilm roll just as it existed in its physical state.
  • Image Quality: Zooming, cropping and adjustable grayscale are included so that users can optimize the quality of individual images prior to printing or emailing.

Install At Your Location or Leverage the Cloud

  • On Premise: After BMI completes the Washington microfiche scanning service, we deliver your digital records along with the Digital ReeL application to your IT department. Your IT team will store and manage the Digital ReeL system, enabling users to access records from a web viewer and the Digital ReeL interface.
  • Cloud Option: BMI completes the microfiche scanning service and then hosts your digital records at our secure data center. Your researchers will log into the Digital ReeL web interface client to search and access records.

Contact us to learn more about our Washington microfiche scanning solution.
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