BMI Celebrates Three Years of The Digital Imaging Newsletter

BMI Imaging’s bi-weekly newsletter, The Digital Imaging Newsletter, celebrates its third year.

Sunnyvale, California – March 6, 2024

The Digital Imaging Newsletter, BMI Imaging Systems’ bi-weekly email newsletter, has been providing insights and information to subscribers for over three years. With a focus on digital imaging and related topics, the newsletter includes new blog articles, videos, upcoming webinars, and other content provided by BMI.

The theme of the content included in the newsletter is digital imaging, which is broken down into various topics: microfilm, microfiche, and aperture card digitization; paper scanning; general document management; hosted services; and security information. Each of these topics is addressed from various directions, such as costs, processes, frequently asked questions, and more.

BMI’s goal with The Digital Imaging Newsletter is to educate people about digitization so that they understand how to approach a project and what to look for when working with a partner scanning company. By informing individuals about the intricacies of digital imaging and getting them prepared for a scanning project, BMI is creating a more beneficial working relationship with its future clients and ensuring they have the level of knowledge to approach the job successfully.

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About BMI

Established in 1958 as Bay Microfilm Incorporated, BMI Imaging Systems embarked on a mission to assist County Recorders with archiving land records on microfilm. By the 1960s, our reach extended to California’s premier universities, preserving their invaluable books and manuscripts. Additionally, our Library Microfilms Division formed strategic partnerships with over 200 newspapers, ensuring California’s rich local history remained accessible for future generations.

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to precision and customer satisfaction, the subsequent two decades saw a surge in our clientele from government, education, and commercial sectors.

As the ’90s rolled in, the shift to digital was unmistakable. Staying ahead of the curve, BMI embraced this evolution, assisting clients in transitioning to electronic document management. We expanded our services to include digitization and began equipping clients with on-site document management software solutions.

Today, we proudly operate two advanced imaging facilities, backed by a dedicated team of over 60 professionals. At the heart of BMI is our passion for quality, innovation, and security. We specialize in crafting tailor-made solutions for our diverse client base. Beyond top-tier document imaging and indexing, we offer a range of cloud hosting services, including public, private, and CJIS-compliant platforms. Our in-house software team, alongside project management and IT specialists, ensures we remain at the forefront of technology and customer service.