BMI Imaging’s Digitization Webinar Series Built To Educate Clients

BMI’s new webinar series is crafted with the client’s education as the primary goal. Each webinar is a down-to-earth discussion about digitization topics that non-technical people can understand.

Sunnyvale, California – August 23, 2023

BMI Imaging Systems has rejuvenated its webinar series production to boost client engagement and understanding for all things digitization.

Topics for the webinars include microfilm scanning price factors, proof of concept processes, paper scanning costs, digitizing student records, and more. Subject matter experts join the webinar as co-hosts to add insights to topics that are outside most people’s general knowledge.

Will Whitney, head of sales and marketing, says that “Our webinar series is the perfect way for clients to learn more about digital conversion topics without having to jump in head first. Because we focus on a different digitization item each time, they have the ability to pick and choose which subject is most relevant to their project. Even if there isn’t a pressing need to start a conversion project, having the information for future use is a benefit.

Also, every webinar is recorded and posted to our YouTube channel so that people can access the information whenever it suits them best. We don’t think of our webinars as lures to then trap folks and hammer them with information! We look at them as one piece in our overall content system, which includes blog articles, videos, email newsletters, LinkedIn posts, and so on. Everyone learns differently, and webinars allow us to educate people in a more conversational way.”

About BMI

BMI Imaging Systems (originally Bay Microfilm Incorporated) incorporated in 1958 as a microfilm service bureau, working with County Recorders to archive land records on microfilm. In the early 1960s, services were expanded to include preservation microfilming of the rare books and manuscripts of leading California Universities. A Library Microfilms Division was also established, working with over 200 newspaper publishers to preserve California local history for libraries and archivists. A reputation for service, precision, and reliability led to steady expansion of BMI’s government, education, and commercial clients over the next two decades. By the early 1990’s, the records management industry had entered the digital age and BMI was at the forefront of this evolution. Clients were meeting their electronic document management needs by having BMI digitize their records, with BMI installing and supporting on-site document management software solutions.

Today, BMI’s production capability includes two imaging facilities with a staff of more than 60 technicians. With a focus on quality, accuracy, security, and innovation, BMI provides custom solutions that fit the unique requirements of each of its customers. In addition to providing document/microform imaging and indexing services of the highest standard, BMI offers public tenant, private tenant, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services)-compliant community cloud hosting services, enabling secure access to client data via the Web. BMI also provides systems integration services, implementing turnkey document capture, management, and workflow solutions. BMI employs an in-house software development staff, a project management customer support staff, along with IT professionals that support internal and Web hosting operations.