BMI Highlighted By KirkpatrickPrice In SOC 2 Security Videos

Independent auditing firm KirkpatrickPrice creates short video series of BMI Imaging’s security focus and SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Sunnyvale, California – July 26, 2023

KirkpatrickPrice, the independent auditing firm, has produced a short video series highlighting BMI’s focus on security and SOC 2 Type II audits and compliance. BMI and KirkpatrickPrice initially engaged during an audit for one of BMI’s clients – due to BMI’s involvement in the project, KirkpatrickPrice visited as a part of the client audit. Soon after, BMI worked with KirkpatrickPrice to conduct a SOC 2 Type I audit of its own.

After the successful completion of the SOC 2 Type I audit, KirkpatrickPrice then executed a SOC 2 Type II audit for BMI – again with a successful outcome. Now in the fourth year of SOC 2 Type II auditing, BMI has continually honed its security methods and procedures based on the findings and recommendations of Kirkpatrick Price.

The videos created by KirkpatrickPrice focus on four key areas: BMI’s security mindset, its culture of security, project security controls and benefits to BMI’s clients, and what it’s like to get audited.

Vice President of Technical Operations and Security Officer Jim Modrall says, “Before meeting with KirkpatrickPrice during our client’s audit, we weren’t sure we were ready for a SOC 2 audit. But the KP folks said what we had in place was so close that with a few adjustments, we’d be ready. So we started with the Type I audit and were found compliant. It was a major milestone for our company. Then when we moved ahead the following year with the Type II, it really tested us but we proved that our security was tight and we were doing the right things. Being highlighted in a video series they produced is wonderful – it shows that we’re staying on top of our security.

Working with KirkpatrickPrice has been a great experience – their team, especially the auditors, is knowledgeable and really digs into our processes and standards. Even if we’re compliant, they still give us recommendations to harden our posture even more, and we take those recommendations seriously. It’s an ever-evolving process, and we can’t get complacent.”

About BMI

BMI Imaging Systems (originally Bay Microfilm Incorporated) incorporated in 1958 as a microfilm service bureau, working with County Recorders to archive land records on microfilm. In the early 1960s, services were expanded to include preservation microfilming of the rare books and manuscripts of leading California Universities. A Library Microfilms Division was also established, working with over 200 newspaper publishers to preserve California local history for libraries and archivists. A reputation for service, precision, and reliability led to steady expansion of BMI’s government, education, and commercial clients over the next two decades. By the early 1990’s, the records management industry had entered the digital age and BMI was at the forefront of this evolution. Clients were meeting their electronic document management needs by having BMI digitize their records, with BMI installing and supporting on-site document management software solutions.

Today, BMI’s production capability includes two imaging facilities with a staff of more than 60 technicians. With a focus on quality, accuracy, security, and innovation, BMI provides custom solutions that fit the unique requirements of each of its customers. In addition to providing document/microform imaging and indexing services of the highest standard, BMI offers public tenant, private tenant, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services)-compliant community cloud hosting services, enabling secure access to client data via the Web. BMI also provides systems integration services, implementing turnkey document capture, management, and workflow solutions. BMI employs an in-house software development staff, a project management customer support staff, along with IT professionals that support internal and Web hosting operations.