BMI Imaging Systems Grows Its Sales Development Team In Nashville

BMI is growing its sales force to generate new project opportunities and deepen the team’s bench.

Sunnyvale, California – July 20, 2022

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve hired a hard-charging Sales Development Representative (SDR) in Nashville, TN.

Sales is the lifeline of any business. Our account executives are the tip of the spear, constantly engaging with clients, tweaking projects, demoing products, and crafting specs with future customers. When there’s so much to do with existing clients and responding to inbound leads and opportunities, outbound project generation slows.

Enter Jeremy Dill, our SDR and newest member of the BMI Sales Team.

With a background in community and church work, he’s got the knack for engaging with other people on their level, whoever it may be. He breezed through our multi-step interview process and quickly displayed how he’ll be a contributing member of the sales team. With a singular focus on outbound project generation, Jeremy’s eager to contact records managers and help them find the best solution to digitize their data.

Will Whitney, EVP, and head of Sales & Marketing, says about Jeremy, “From the get-go he had an easy way about him and a confidence that was hard to ignore. Coming into the digital scanning industry must’ve been like entering a new planet, but it didn’t phase Jeremy in the least. He asks good questions, has a positive energy, and isn’t afraid to just talk to people and see how he can help them. That’s the kind of sales person I’d like to talk to!”