BMI Imaging Systems Launches “The Digital Imaging Channel” On YouTube

A dedicated YouTube channel allows BMI to educate and inform its clients and potential customers about the various aspects of digital imaging.

Sunnyvale, California – March 16, 2022

BMI Imaging Systems is proud to formally announce its YouTube video channel, “The Digital Imaging Channel.” The dedicated channel allows BMI to provide an ongoing stream of video content meant to inform both clients and non-clients alike about various aspects of digital conversion and related topics.

The videos on The Digital Imaging Channel cover topics related to digital imaging products, services, and general information. Examples include frequently asked questions (FAQs) about microfiche, figuring out how much paper you have, microfilm scanning costs, choosing a secure scanning partner, and ways to lower your paper scanning cost. Users of the application can learn how to use the product better or just answer simple help-related questions.

The appetite for videos to explore, explain, and excite people about various topics is continually increasing, and BMI adapted to this increase by giving viewers what they wanted: simple, educational videos to explain the world of digital imaging. With 50+ videos available on the channel to date, BMI’s dedication to video content is clear.

Will Whitney, Executive Vice President, says: “We’ve been improving our Marketing Department’s capabilities over the last few years and video was a simple next step for us. People like watching videos, and we don’t want to disappoint. Video isn’t replacing our other efforts; we believe it’s a single piece of a diversified approach. If you’re looking for information about digital imaging, microfilm scanning, paper conversion, and so on, we want you to be able to choose your way to take in the info whether it’s a blog, a video, or a call with us.”

About BMI
BMI Imaging Systems (originally Bay Microfilm Incorporated) incorporated in 1958 as a microfilm service bureau, working with County Recorders to archive land records on microfilm. In the early 1960s, services were expanded to include preservation microfilming of the rare books and manuscripts of leading California Universities. A Library Microfilms Division was also established, working with over 200 newspaper publishers to preserve California local history for libraries and archivists. A reputation for service, precision, and reliability led to steady expansion of BMI’s government, education, and commercial clients over the next two decades. By the early 1990’s, the records management industry had entered the digital age and BMI was at the forefront of this evolution. Clients were meeting their electronic document management needs by having BMI digitize their records, with BMI installing and supporting on-site document management software solutions.

Today, BMI’s production capability includes two imaging facilities with a staff of more than 60 technicians. With a focus on quality, accuracy, security, and innovation, BMI provides custom solutions that fit the unique requirements of each of its customers. In addition to providing document/microform imaging and indexing services of the highest standard, BMI offers public tenant, private tenant, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services)-compliant community cloud hosting services, enabling secure access to client data via the Web. BMI also provides systems integration services, implementing turnkey document capture, management, and workflow solutions. BMI employs an in-house software development staff, a project management customer support staff, along with IT professionals that support internal and Web hosting operations.